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Driving Lessons
"How To Avoid The Bad Driving School”

You want to get your licence in the least amount of driving lessons as possible and to have a good time.

Learning to drive can be an awesome experience if you get the right driving instructor, and that’s the problem you have, there is no way for you to work out the good from the bad. But we can help you with our money back guarantee.

Did you know more than 50% of people fail their driving test and each time you fail your driving test it will cost you around £300. Just think about it, you must pay for a new test, then you are going to need more lessons – it all mounts up. And imagine failing your driving test twice!!!
£600 down the drain – gone - ouch! 

The driving test pass rate for 2016 was just 47% , and that includes people taking 2nd and 3rd tests, just imagine how low the first time pass rate is.

The Biggest Reason For Failure Is Practically Unknown To Driving Instructors

There are some very well meaning driving instructors
but in a recent survey of instructors in a Facebook group,
80% said the main reason for failing the driving test was nerves…

...They were all wrong.

The most common reason for failing the driving test
is observation at junctions.
In fact nerves are not even listed in the top 10 reasons.
You can click here to read the official DVSA document.

Is it no wonder the pass rate is as low as 47% when instructors
don’t even know the real reason why people are failing?
This is exactly why learner drivers
get fed up with their driving lessons and switch schools.

Do you really want driving lessons with a school
who don't know why their learners are failing? 

The HIDDEN Dangers
Of Block Book Driving Lessons

When you are looking to start learning to drive
it’s easy to fall into the trap of block book driving lessons,
only ever block book once you have started
to take regular pay as you go driving lessons
and believe you have a good school.

Never ever pay for 5 or 10 hours of block book driving lessons upfront
because if you don’t like the instructor
your learning will be slow,
it will put a gaping hole in your wallet,
and you will likely end up leaving looking for another school.

At Search For Driving Lessons we will not permit block bookings
you have to test the instructor out first!

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Failing at other schools? Click here to see why it's probably not your fault
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Driving Schools Special Offers
Don't Be Exploited

You really have to be careful with driving schools special offers
because of their hidden clauses.
Take for example the standard 5 hour offer.
Usually you can have 2 hours now,
2 hours in the middle of your course ~and 1hr for your driving test.
What sort of special offer is that?

Be very watchful for the 10 hour special offers,
similar to the 5 hour deal but it’s the same again,
you can’t have your hours at the beginning.

Why do schools offer driving lessons like this?
Quite simply, they can’t promise a good service
and need to try and retain you in their school,
is that what you want?

To be trapped into a bad service?
What do you think your chances of passing will be?

Best Driving Instructors Near Me

If you are searching for the best driving instructors near me,
there is very little supporting information to show you
how good a driving school or a driving instructor is.

This is where Search For Driving Lessons can really help you.
We are an independent company,
we only recommend driving schools we can trust,
because if you do not like your first driving lesson,
we’ll refund you.

There are lots of schools offering driving lessons,
some have testimonials and ratings,
but can you trust them? Are they real?
What’s stopping friends and family from writing nice comments,
the thing is you just don’t know.

But because Search For Driving Lessons has a money back guarantee,
you don’t have that problem. Your money is safe.

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What grade is my driving instructor

For those of you who are already asking the question
“what grade is my driving instructor”
you need to know there are 3 grades. A, B and fail.
So if you are taken in by thinking a grade B is a good mark, it really isn’t.

Exactly when was the driving instructor last graded
and will that grade still be relevant today?
Their skill could have changed.
3 great questions to ask are,
What is your grade? 
When were you last graded? 
What extra training have you taken since?

At Search For Driving Lessons we have an even stronger approach,
we handle the enquiries for driving instructors,
we get to speak to their pupils,
so we know at first hand how good the driving lessons are.

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Do not take any risks with your driving lessons, book now and if your are not 100% satisfied we will refund you.

Cheap driving lessons

Anyone wanting to get their driving licence
may get tricked into taking cheap driving lessons – why tricked?
Because cheap driving lessons don’t exist!
Did you know a driving lesson
can cost an instructor as much as £13 an hour?
So when you see a special offer for 10 hours at £100,
what does that say about the quality?

It’s fine for a driving school
to offer a special introduction on 1 or 2 lessons,
but not 5 and certainly not 10.
What will usually happen is you have very little driving time
as the instructor doesn’t want to waste fuel
and you can be denied access to take all of the lessons when you start.

If you want to know how to save £500
on learning to drive
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With cheap driving lessons,
at best you might be able to save £50 to £100,
but click that link to a guide which can help you save £500

Driving Lessons
With A Money Back Guarantee

There you have it 
a true insiders look into driving lessons
and getting your driving licence.
It's full of pitfalls isn't it?

The way Search For Driving Lessons works 
is really straight forward.
We find you the right driving instructor,
you book a lesson
and if you are not happy we refund you. 

For a very safe way of finding great driving lessons
so you can get your licence

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