Block Booking Driving Lessons -
A Great Way To Help You Save Cash

Buying in Blocks Saves Money

Block Booking Driving Lessons For Better Results

Block Booking Driving Lessons is a good way to save some money on your driving lessons, usually you will get a discount in the region of the price of one lesson, so if you need 4 or 5 block bookings of 10 lessons a time you can easily save yourself £100 so it is well worth doing.

However we want to issue a warning we firmly believe you should only make a block booking once you have got to know the driving instructor and that is why Search For Driving Lessons offers you a money back guarantee on your first lesson. We will explain more in a moment.

Imagine this if you will. You block book 10 hours of driving lessons and your first lesson turns out to be a nightmare, or rather the driving instructor is. For some reason you do not get on at all, you don't like your lesson and don't wish to continue, in short you are stuffed! Tough luck, as they say. You have now got to live with it. So wouldn't it make more sense just to book one session first, see if you like the driving instructor and ask yourself would you like to continue? 
That will save a lot of problems for you.

So our money back guarantee is simple. Book a two hour lesson and you will only pay for one hour. If you do not like the lesson and do not wish to continue will will refund you. Easy really. But if you love the lesson then do continue and perhaps make that block booking.