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The Money Back Guarantee

It can be pretty much impossible for anyone to have a judgement in the quality of a driving instructor by simply taking a look at their web page or car, so we offer you with a money back guarantee.
Our independent organization helps find you the best driving instructors you'd be delighted to learn to drive with.
We are quite certain about the abilities and knowledge of the approved driving instructor we place you with, that is why we are able to get this refund offer to you.
Your requirements are actually crucial so our office will ensure you will get the best matched approved driving instructor.
All learners have diverse requirements, as an example you might want your lessons to begin from the office or school instead of beginning from home. By corresponding your personal requirements we make certain you get the best approved driving instructor to fit you.

If following your first driving lesson you are not totally satisfied and do not wish to stick to the instructor we can easily either refund you or help you find a new driving instructor, it's your option.

How To Save Over £500 On Driving Lessons

Nearly allbeginner drivers need to save cash on passing the driving test and look for lessons £1 or £2 less expensive, butwe're going to help you save £500.

You may have noticed driving school promotions for example £5 hours for £50 and these have to be definitely avoided

Failing to get on with the approved driving instructor will make your chance to learn a tough and hard time.

Should you go through the terms and conditions of the deals given by driving schools you will notice a number of the hours are preserved till your driving test.
Out of desperation you could give up, and quit taking driving lessons until you opt to find an alternative school.

The DVSA declare that the average number of hours taken to complete the driving test is forty seven with a approved driving instructor along with an additional twenty hours in addition from private practice.

The average is high due to the fact many people don't learn effectively.

If you are taking lessons regularly and frequently without missing weeks your improvement will likely be rapid.

And receiving private practice with father and mother for 2 hours a week for a 10 week duration will cost £30-£40 a week on insurance and fuel.

And do you know it costs close to £200 a time when you fail your driving test?

So when you find a driving instructor who you like prior to you making a block reservation,
take a couple of hours of instruction a week as a minimum, 4 hours if you can,
and stick to the help guide to successfully completing your driving test the first time then you can help save anywhere between £500 and £1000 on getting your driving licence.

How To Pass Your Driving Test First Time

We are often asked what's the best advice to give on how to pass the driving test the 1st time.

This is exactly what we recommend you ought to be performing
People fail their driving test because they are unaware of just what the driving examiner is looking to get.

If you believe the driving examiner desires to know you are a safe driver, you happen to be correct, but exactly how would you determine safe?

If you can get to grips with a true definition of what it is to be safe within your initial driving instruction this will help you form good behavior for the driving test,
Obviously you have to obey the laws of the road.

Being aware of your surroundings and being in a position to react to that is essential.
All of the time you have to be in control of the car.

In the event you follow these three steps from your first driving lesson passing the driving test will be a lot simpler.
By getting those tips into practice from the beginning of your driver training, getting the driving licence is likely to be much simpler.

Once you begin your driving lessons the instructor will offer you a syllabus of learning.

The document details all of the skills you have to learn and it grades your skill level.

When you are considered independent in every areas you are then totally geared up to pass your driving test

Before the driving test you will want to be showing your approved driving instructor you can actually drive without their help.

You won't need anything or anyone else to state you're good enough simply because now you have the evidence you are able to drive without assistance.

In order to pass your driving test you have to be making certain all of these tips have been completely taken care of.

Is The Driving Instructor Accredited?

You'll find with some driving schools do not always employ fully qualified driving instructors and the person instructing you may well be a trainee.

For everybody who is having to pay full price for your driving lessons you need to ask your self can it be fair for you to receive a trainee instructor?
The driving instructor we match to your needs is properly accredited so you have got no worries.

What Do We Charge you?

Your first driving lesson is for 120 minutes and we ask for £25.
The local price will then be applied for the subsequent driving lesson if you desire to carry on.
After we have matched your needs and determined the most effective driving instructor, we shall obviously provide you with their typical costs.

What Can Be Expected On Your Initial Driving Lesson?

Ahead of the first driving lesson the driving instructor will get a hold of you to make clear information including best places to collect you from.

Then on the day you've got to carry your provisional drivers licence.

Your driving instructor will just take you to a peaceful place,

Once you're secure you will be invited to start the engine and you'll get going.

What If You Want Your Money-back?

That is definitely entirely fine.
(We're ok with that
What you need to do is communicate with the booking office inside 24 hours of your driving lessons coming to its conclusion
You are able to telephone or send us an email, however if you should let us know out of work hours an e-mail is more preferable as it features a date stamp.
you're not obliged however if we're able to we will offer you a different driving instructor or a reimbursement, it's your decision to make.

In the event you request a repayment then you are unable to continue with that driving instructor.
If you do elect to have a reimbursement then that would cease your agreement and you will be not able to stick to the instructor.
Deciding to have your repayment means you will be not able to contunue using the driving instructor.

Why Are We Your Best Choice?

It really is hard to come by the best driving instructor, they all look the same and right now there is very little facts for you to determine a distinction.
We work with driving instructors every day so we know which driving instructors are fully qualified and which might be trainees.
We are going to only present a fully qualified approved driving instructor.

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