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What Is A Driving Examiner Looking For And How Can That Help You Save Money On Getting Your Driving Licence..?
Learning to drive can be a very expensive experience and seemingly every few years the driving test gets harder. In 2012 an independent driving section was included where the examiner will ask you to find a destination by following road signs and now in 2016 it is due to get harder still with the learner being asked to navigate by sat-nav.

If that wasn't enough according to the government agency the DVSA pass rates are as low as 50%, meaning you have a one in two chance of passing and the cost of failing a driving test is around £300 when you take into consideration the prices of a new test, car hire and new lessons. 

There is one reason why the pass rate is so low...many learner drivers do not know what to expect from the driving examiner.dreamstimemaximum_15309785
To pass the driving test the learner must prove they are a safe driver during their 45 minute exam, so just what is "safe" and that is the key issue.

If you ask learner drivers to define driver safety, you are likely to come across different answers along the lines of, not crashing the car, indicating at the proper times, not speeding and not jumping red lights.

While those answers are not incorrect, they do not go as far as defining driver safety or as how an examiner sees it. This is what a driving examiner wants to see from a driving test.

1. The learner driver has the desire to be a safe driver.
2. The learner is able to spot potential hazards and avoid or eliminate them.
3. The learner is always in control of the vehicle.
4. The learner makes sure they comply with the Highway Code

dreamstimeextralarge_4597525By applying these four steps to your training right from the very first driving lesson you will build the proper foundations to safe driving, which are not just fit for the driving test, but more importantly, they underpin the skills you need when driving alone as a full licence holder.

Prior to the driving test it is vital that you personally check your skills, are you ready for the test. There are three quick checks to make. The first check is to make sure you have completed your driving lesson syllabus, sometimes known as a progress report card. It details the skills you have covered and what standard you are at. The second check is to have passed a mock driving test. The third and final test is to ask yourself, are you driving without any intervention from your instructor?

If you follow this guide you have every chance of passing your driving test.

Cheap Driving Lessons