Our Money Back Guarantee

Driving Lessons Doncaster

You are going to be wondering about our money back guarantee, how it works and if there are any sneaky catches, because it looks to good to be true. And often you will find if it looks too good to be true, it probably is, HOWEVER THIS IS 100% TRUE.

We know it is very difficult, in fact almost impossible to tell the difference between one driving school and another and in many instances you go with gut feeling. Many learner drivers switch and change their driving instructor because they are not seeing the expected results. The driving instructor could be lazy, forget to turn up, be really boring or you just see a lump in your learning and a hole in your pocket. Its not what you want is it?

There are also driving schools who offer so called special deals, only for you to later find out you have to finish the whole course to actually get the deal. You have to ask, why do they make a deal like that? Is it because they are not very good? All these crazy special offer just create problems for you, it gives more questions than answers.

Did you now that to run a driving school business it costs around £10 an hour, so when you see a 10 lesson deal for £99, where do they make their money? How good is your driving lesson going to be? How many extra lessons will they make you take so they can get their money back? These are the questions you have to ask.

The ideal scenario is for you to be able to try out a driving school without any risk to you, seems like a dream come true - right? Well with Search For Driving Lessons this is exactly what happens.

We are an independent company working with highly qualified driving instructors not just in Doncaster but across the whole of the UK. We have agreed with our team of instructors to give you 2 special offers. The first is a money back guarantee on your first 2 hour lesson. The idea is really simple and you are going to love it. We'll help you get the right instructor for you, you book and take the driving lesson and if you didn't like it and do not want to continue then we will refund you. That's pretty good isn't it. It means in short all the risk is on us, you have nothing to worry about, all you have to do is relax, enjoy your lesson and see how much you can learn.

The second part of the offer is that the 2 hour lesson is only £25, local prices do vary from instructor to instructor so after you have filled out the form and we contact you, we will tell you the regular prices and you can make your decision from there.

The problem of choosing a driving school by yourself is that, and we mean this with respect, you don't have the skills or experience to tell the difference between one school and another. And like all customers in this position you buy with your eyes or what seems the cheapest price possible to reduce your risk. While there are some excellent driving instructors with low prices, paying a cheap price and actually be very expensive for you. What is the point of pay £99 for 10 hours of lessons when you may only do 3 hour of driving!!!

To be totally frank with you if cash is an issue with you our recommendation is for you to save up. Whether you use our services or not by saving up will save you cash. Lets assume you really want to learn to drive but can only afford one hour a week. There you are doing that 1 hour a week and each lesson has a 20-30 minute recap on the previous lesson because you had forgotten what you learn. All of a sudden you are paying a low price, but technically you are only getting half a lesson. If you want to learn this way you will have lots of lessons, take a very long time to pass and its going to cost you a lot of money.  What is better for you to do is to save up some cash and then take 2 to 4 hours of driving each week. You might be able to negotiate a better deal because you are taking more lessons per week, you will forget less, remember more, pass quicker and end up paying less. Now that has to be the right decision for you to take.

Do you know the secret of passing first time? Its actually a lot of common sense and works like this, you are already taking regular lessons and that's good, so what you need to do now is pass your theory test really quickly. By passing the theory test sooner rather than later not only does it put you half way through passing your test, you will probably need fewer driving lessons. You will learn a lot in your theory which you can adopt into your lessons without the need of your driving instructor teaching you, this way you will save time and yes you will save money.

Ok so you are well on your way to passing your driving test and the next thing you need to do is book your practical test. You may as well make the booking straight after passing your theory test but make the booking in accordance to your driving instructor. The last thing you want is for your instructor to be busy and not free.

The test is now booked so plan your driving lessons up until your driving test and once you start to feel really good about driving ask for a mock test with your driving instructor. A mock test is where you will be tested under exam conditions just like the real thing. Not only is it great for confidence but also for your preparation.

On the day of your driving test you need to be aware of what the driving examiner is looking for. At the moment you probably think they want to see you are able to drive safely and you are not wrong but there is a lot more than goes into it.

If you are ever under the impression you can take a chance on your driving test and wing it, you can't and right now you will find out why.

Driving a car is not just about being steady, driving in a straight line and braking when you need to. You have to take other major aspects into consideration and they overlap into every single nook and cranny of driving. Firstly there is being in control of the car, if you roll back on a hill start, go over a stop line, stall, cross lanes without realising, choosing the wrong gear, not changing gear when you need to etc etc all of that will go against you. Then there is what we call hazard perception. You have got to not only be aware but also adopt your driving to different hazards. These can be other vehicles, pedestrians, parked vehicles, emerging vehicles, the condition of the road, the weather and so much more. And its not just what is in front of you, but to the side, to the rear and yes whats above you.

Putting all this into the mix tells you that you need good quality driving lessons where you feel relaxed and comfortable. Let us help you pas your driving test, just fill out the form and we'll do the rest.