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Driving Lessons Falmouth

The Money Back Guarantee

We believe that it's very hard to tell the difference between one driving school and another so we will assist you with our money back guarantee.
We are a completely independent business that actually works with 100's of regional driving instructors who you would be pleased to learn to drive with.
We are certain about the abilities and experience of the approved driving instructor we place you with, that is why we can make this refund offer to you.
We make the procedure quite simple for you, give us a call and we will get you the top instructor for your requirements.

You might need an instructor on the weekends, what about a lady driving instructor, or you want to pass rapidly.
People need different things so through getting the best driving instructor for you we make viability much easier.
So following your driving lesson if you are not satisfied and don't want to continue with the instructor, just speak to the office and you can have the option of a completely new instructor or a refund.

How To Save Over £500 On Driving Lessons

Would you like to save £500 on passing your driving test and getting your licence? Let us show you how.
You could have noticed driving school promotions for example £5 hours for £50 and these need to be definitely avoided

If you do not like the approved driving instructor it will be very difficult work for you, and you will probably not learn a whole lot.

You will see that a large number of special offers will tie you in to the driving school right up until your driving test.

From frustration you could give up, and quit taking driving lessons until you opt to find another school.

It will require a student driver from beginning to end typically forty seven hours of lessons using a driving school and twenty hours with friends and family coming as individual practice.
Since many people aren't taught to learn to a framework these numbers are high.

If you are taking lessons routinely and frequently without missing weeks your enhancement can be fast.

For anybody who is just having 1 hour a week or maybe you are omitting weeks your training will be slow-moving and you will require more hours overall.

And were you aware it will cost you approximately £200 a time every time you flunk your driving test?

So when you find a approved driving instructor who you like prior to making a block booking,
take a couple of hours of training weekly as a bare minimum, 4 hours if you can,
and stick to the help guide to passing your driving test the very first time then you can save somewhere between £500 and £1000 on having your driving licence.

How To Pass Your Driving Test First Time

Our company is usually asked what is the most sage advice to give on how to successfully pass the driving test the first time.

This is our ultimate guide.

Lots of people are going to flunk the driving test because they do not have a very full comprehension of what the driving examiner is screening them for.
Most learners will tell you they need to show the driving examiner they are a safe driver, that's reasonable, but what would you really mean by safe?
If you can have an appreciation of what it is to be safe from the initial lessons then you're really going to build up natural and good practices for your driving test.

As expected you have to respect the laws of the road.

Being familiar with your surroundings and being in a position to respond to that is essential.
All of the time you must be in command of the car.

In the event you follow these 3 steps from your initial driving lesson successfully completing the driving test will always be easier for you.
Simply by getting those points into practice from the start of your driver training, getting your driving licence is likely to be far simpler.

Once you begin your driving lessons the instructor will give you a curriculum of learning.

The form provided shows each of the abilities you will need to pass the driving test and the form also scores your competencies.

When you're viewed as independent in all of the areas you're then entirely geared up to successfully pass your driving test

Before you take your driving test you will want to be on your driving lessons driving without any guidance or support out of your driving instructor
You will not need anything or anybody else to convey you are sufficiently good due to the fact now you possess the proof you can actually drive with no need of support.

If you help make certain you cover all of these aspects you have each and every chance for passing your driving test.

Is Your Approved Driving Instructor Accredited?

A number of driver training establishments may gladly appoint you a driving instructor who is a trainee.

Several trainee driving instructors can be very good, polite and will work hard for you, nevertheless they don't have the full range of competencies - should you be notified of this?

Each of our driving instructors are properly accredited, so that you get the best tuition on the market.

Exactly what Do We Charge you?

On the initial driving lesson we look for £25 and that's for a 2 hour driving lesson.

Following the 2 hour lesson and providing you would like to continue you will subsequently be asked to pay local fees.

After we have established the most effective driving instructor for you personally we will explain their charges so that you are aware of beforehand.

What To Expect On Your First Driving Lesson?

Your driving instructor will certainly phone prior to the driving lesson to arrange where to pick you up.
On the day of your very first driving lesson you should have with you, your provisional driving licence.

The driving instructor will take you to some peaceful place,

very shortly you'll be switching on the engine, driving, and getting a great time.

What If You Want Your Cash Back?

Not an issue at all.

All that you should do is contact the office inside 24 hours of the lesson concluding.

The simplest way to do this is via e mail because it's date stamped and the office might be closed when you make contact.

We are going to ask if you want a reimbursement or to consider using a different driving instructor, however you can only try one extra instructor.

If you do ask for a repayment then you can not continue with that driving instructor.
In the event you decide to have your money back then that would end your agreement and you will be unable to stick to the instructor.
Opting to have your refund means you're going to be unable to contunue using the driving instructor.

Why Are We Your Best Option?

It really is hard to find the right driving instructor, they all look the same and there is very little advice for you to figure out a difference.
We work together with driving instructors day-to-day so we recognize which driving instructors are fully qualified and which are trainees.
We are going to only provide a fully qualified approved driving instructor.


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