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The Money Back Guarantee

Our money back guarantee was created to make your life easier in relation to finding a driving school since they all appear the same.
We're a national but unbiased driving school organization working with instructors in your area who you will be very happy to work with.
We're only prepared to offer you with a repayment of your driving lesson because we understand our approved driving instructors are of the best standard.

All you have to do is phone the office and we'll find you a local instructor to match your requirements.

The demands of one student will differ to another, you might need a female driving instructor or maybe you are only able to do weekend lessons.
By matching your individual specifications we make sure you will get the correct approved driving instructor to fit you.

So after your driving lesson if you aren't satisfied and do not want to proceed with the instructor, just speak to the office and you will have the option of a new instructor or a refund.

How To Save Over £500 On Driving Lessons

Would you like to save £500 on passing your driving test and getting your licence? Let us show you how.
The first thing you have to do is stay away from taking a special deal similar to Ten hours for £99.

Not liking the driving instructor and never enjoying your driving lessons could make the task of your driving practise much harder.
Should you glance at the conditions of the special deals provided by driving schools you will see some of the hours are preserved till your driving test.
Which means you will finish up leaving the driving school early on.

The DVSA claim that the average number of hours taken to successfully pass the driving test is forty seven with a driving instructor along with an additional 20 hours in addition from private training.

Since many people are not trained to learn to a framework these figures are too high.

If you possibly could keep away from missing lessons to the subsequent week and receive regular driving lessons this will help you need a fewer number of lessons.
And receiving private training with parents for two hours a week during a 10 week time period will set you back £30-£40 a week on insurance and fuel.

And were you aware it will cost you about £200 a time whenever you flunk your driving test?

So when you discover a driving instructor that you like prior to making a block booking,
just take two hours of training a week as a bare minimum, 4 hours whenever you can,
and adhere to the self-help guide to successfully completing your driving test the very first time then you can save between £500 and £1000 on having your driving licence.

How To Pass Your Driving Test First Time

Our company is quite often asked just what is the best advice to offer on how to successfully pass the driving test the first time.

This is what we recommend you need to be going through
Many people are going to flunk the driving test since they do not have a very full understanding of what the driving examiner is examining them for.
Most learners will state they have to show the driving examiner they're a safe driver, that's acceptable, but what would you really mean by safe?
If you can have an appreciation of what it really is to be safe from the earliest lessons then you are going to build up natural and good habits for the driving test.

Naturally you need to adhere to the Highway Code
Being aware of your surroundings and being in the position to react to that is vital.
When you are the motorist of the vehicle you'll need to be in complete control
If you follow all of these three basic steps from the initial driving lesson passing the driving test will be a lot easier.
By putting those points into practice from the beginning of your driver training, getting the driving licence is going to be far simpler.

On your 1st driving lesson the driving instructor will provide you with a progress report card.

The form you are supplied lists all of the techniques you will need to pass the driving test and also the form additionally grades your proficiency.

The highest technical proficiency you can attain is known as "independent" and that is when you're able to perform the skill without having help and for that reason good enough for the driving test.

Before the driving test you will want to be demonstrating to your driving instructor you can drive with no need of their guidance.

This will be your evidence you're a good and risk-free driver who can drive without any guidance.

If you wish to pass your driving test you should be making certain each of these points have been gone over.

Is Your Driving Instructor Qualified?

You have to be conscious that some driving schools will place you with a trainee driving instructor rather than someone fully qualified.
While quite a few trainees are good, is it appropriate you're having to pay full price and is it correct you haven't been notified?

All of our approved driving instructors are fully qualified, which means you get the very best tuition obtainable.

What Will We Charge you?

The initial driving lesson is for A couple of hours and we ask for £25.
If you like the driving instructor and the driving lesson and wish to carry on you'll be asked to pay local rates.

After we have matched your needs and identified the most beneficial driving instructor, we are going to naturally explain to you their regular charges.

What To Expect On Your Initial Driving Lesson?

Your driving instructor will always phone prior to the driving lesson to set up the best place to pick you up.
Then on the day you will have to have your provisional drivers licence.

Your driving instructor will just take you to a quiet area,

Once you are relaxed you will be required to start the engine and you'll get moving.

What If You Want Your Money-back?

No issue in the slightest degree.

All you need to do is get in touch with the office inside 24 hours of the lesson finishing.

The easiest method to make this happen is via email since it is date stamped and the office might be shut when you make contact.

We will inquire if you would like a refund or to consider a different driving instructor, but you are only able to try 1 more instructor.

If you do ask for a reimbursement then you can't continue with that driving instructor.
In the event you choose to have a reimbursement then that will cease your agreement and you'll be not able to stick to the instructor.
Opting to have your money back means you're going to be not able to contunue using the driving instructor.

Why Are We Your Best Option?

It is difficult to find the ideal driving instructor, they all seem exactly the same and right now there is very minimal information and facts for you to establish a difference.
We work together with driving instructors every single day so we recognize which driving instructors are fully qualified and which might be trainees.
We are going to only ever provide you with a properly accredited driving instructor.


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