Our Money Back Guarantee

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Just how long have you been waiting for to pass your driving test? For a ling time now you have seen your friends get their driving licence and you have stood waiting for public transport wishing you had your own wheels, but now your time has come.

The Wrong Driving School...
You are concerned about getting a bad driving instructor and you just do not know how to tell the difference between someone perfect for you and a school you really don't want to be with. Here at Search For Driving Lessons we take away all of your concerns and worries by giving you a money back guarantee.

How Does The Money Back Guarantee Work?
Its really simple, if you do not like your driving lesson we will refund you. Actually we'll go one step more than that and say this, if you are not happy with your driving lesson and do not want to continue with the driving instructor then you can have a choice of your money back or trying an different instructor.

How Do You Book?
Again this is easy, all you need to do is fill out your details on our form and we will call you back. The reason why we do this is so that we can share a range of approved driving instructors with you. We will ask you some questions about your experience, when you want to pass your driving test by (if you don't know don't worry) and we will ask when you want lessons; where from, such as college; and also who with, make or female; and what type of car, manual or automatic.

Then we will be able to match you with the best instructor to suit your needs. You will make the booking over the phone and once payment is completed you will be sent a receipt by email and confirmation of the booking.

Before your driving lesson the driving instructor will give you a call to introduce themselves and to make sure your pick up and drop off details are correct.

What If You Want Your Money Back?
All you need to do is call us or email us within 24 hours of the lesson finishing. The best way is to actually email because then its date stamped and if your lesson is on a Saturday we won't be around to take your call on a Sunday.

How Do We Find The Instructors?
The parent company of Search For Driving Lessons are ADINDI and they help independent driving instructors to run their schools. We know all of our instructors first hand and speak to many every day. We are not a directory and have been only able to make the Money Back Guarantee offer due to the high standards of teaching and expertise.

How Much Are Lessons?
Your first lesson is a 2 hour lesson for only £25. We want you to have 2 hours so you get a real good feel of your driving lesson. We want you to ask yourself, what have you learned and have you enjoyed being with the instructor. Of course you are here to learn but you must have a nice rapport with the instructor.

When we help you find the best driving instructor their prices may slightly differ from one to the other so you will be given those prices over the phone.

How Much Does It Cost To Pass The Driving Test?
Using a driving school that is £1 cheaper isn't going to cut the costs, neither is using a school £3 cheaper. The right way to reduce the cost of learning is by taking regular weekly lessons, passing your theory test soon and booking in your driving test n accordance with your instructor.

On average it takes a learner driver 47 hours to pass their driving test, but thats taking into consideration all learners and all learning practices. Some people only take one hour a week or 3 or 4 hours a month. Learning that way is very expensive because you forget so much in between your lessons.

The best way to learn is to take one lesson everyday but that can be difficult for you to plan. You could also take 2x2hour lessons per week, say a lesson on a Monday and then one one a Thursday. Or you can just tale 2 hours every week. If your budget can only stretch to one hour a week then our suggestion is for you to save up and start when you have the cash. One hour a week will get you know where and its going to take a lot of driving lessons and a lot of money to get your driving licence.

Once you start your driving lessons and get a flow for things, after each lesson think about what you have learned and think about the mistakes and how to correct them. Soon enough you will be zipping around town and you will be thinking about passing your test.

Before you get to your practical test you need to pass your theory test, and thats really important, get it out of the way as soon as you can. Not only is it a relief but it puts you half way to your driving licence. The theory test is also brilliant because it helps you to drive, you need less input from your instructor and that means fewer lessons, so get it booked and passed now.

Once you have passed the theory test talk to your instructor about booking the practical test, waiting times do vary and there is nothing wrong with booking your test now as long as you take enough lessons to be fully prepared. But lets just say you don't feel quite ready, then postpone it! Its all you have to do, but by having that date pencilled in you become super focused.

Before you take the driving test be sure you have mock tests with your driving instructor, these will prepare you for the test day and also show you how prepared you are. If you can drive without the need of your instructor stepping in then you are ready not just for the driving test but to get your driving licence by impressing the driving examiner.

At Search For Driving Lessons we want you to be a safe and confident driver who loves their driving lessons and has every chance of passing the driving test first time. You can do that, you can pass first time, just fill out the form, let us call you back and follow the advice on this page. Fill out the form now and let us help you find the best driving instructor who will prepare you with the skills you need to get your driving licence.

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