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Driving Lessons Palmers Green

So you live in Palmers Green and you want to pass your driving test, but which driving instructor do you go for? They all look the same and you can't tell if they are going to be a perfect match for you or something far worse. Here are Search For Driving Lessons we have made your life a lot easier by giving you a money back guarantee on your first lessons.

For years learner drivers have struggled to find the right driving school, often ending up trying out several driving instructors because they couldn't find the right person and that just costs you money to keep swapping. You take a few lessons, learn a little bit, but you also learn you don't really like the instructor so you stop your lessons, leave it a while and start again. With your new instructor you explain you have had some lessons and know a little but but you have forgotten some of what you learned and you weren't that happy with what you did, otherwise you wouldn't have changed.

Each time you change driving instructor it cost you around £100 in lost time and money, so imagine have 3 or 4 different driving instructors.

We give you a money back guarantee so that after the driving lesson you can have a think to yourself and ask, do you like the instructor, did you learn new things? If the answer is no just tell us and we can either refund you or find you a new driving instructor without extra charge, its your choice.

Furthermore we are giving you a special offer on your first lesson. We believe you are going to need 2 hour to get a good feel of the lesson and to get an idea if you click and get on with the instructor. So you first driving lesson with us is always 2 hours and that's only £25, oh and of course if it didn't turn out like you expected then you can have your money back. Now isn't this a really good idea?

You may have seen driving schools offering deals where you can have 5 or 10 lessons for £10 an hour. You need to know something about these lessons. While we can tell you for sure how good the quality is, we can tell you it usually costs a driving instructor around £10 an hour to give a lesson. So if you are paying £10 an hour, and it costs them £10 an hour, how good is the driving lesson? It is a really important thing for you to consider.

So of these special offers have big clauses, such a 4 hours of a 10 our deal are saved for the driving test. Which means you only take 6 hours and if you leave because you haven't learned enough or don't like the instructor, you lose the rest of your money and driving lessons. Is that a risk you want to take?

We're not saying you should pay for expensive driving lessons, what we are explaining is that you need to be a little cautious and we think out money back guarantee secures your investment, you get to test out the instructor and have a good time while knowing your money is safe.

How To Pass Your Driving Test First Time
This is a question we are asked every day, and while there is no specific answer we do have a best practice guide for you, which we will explain now.

Before you start you driving lessons you have to think about your end goal and that's impressing the driving examiner on the driving test.
So what is the driving examiner looking for? The driving test is to show you are capable of driving without assistance from a driving instructor or even mum and dad.  Therefore, what do you have to show? Of course you have to demonstrate you are safe when driving and that you can handle all conditions, once you have your full driving licence it is your responsibility and you need to react to keep you and others safe. Safety is paramount but how do you work out what driving safely actually means. Yes its obeying the laws of the road, so road signs, and markings spring to mind. You have also got to be in control of the car at all times, because if you are not how are you safe? Things like rolling backwards on hill starts, crossing stop lines even by just a few centimeters or coasting all show you are not in control of your car. If you are not safe or not showing you are safe how can the driving examiner give you a full driving licence? Then you have to be aware of surroundings, whats going off on the road and what do you need to do to avoid accidents? We call it hazard perception.

When you start to learn to drive, remember to be in control of the car for the aspect of driving you are being taught. And remember to keep a strong look out for what is happening around you. If you can start to do that from your very first lesson you are going to create good driving habits. The easiest way to pass your driving test is when you are full of good driving habits and you don't have to think really hard with what you are doing. Once driving becomes second nature and you are keeping a close eye on safety you will be a good driver.

When it comes to taking your driving lessons then we also recommend you take at least 2 hours a week and do that every week. If  you start to skip driving lessons thats when problems will occur and it starts to cost you more money. You see the longer the time there is between lessons the more you forget, and that goes for anything in life. The lessons you had at school, football training, or even watching a soap on tv, the longer the time between doing your activity the more you forget. Therefore skipping lessons for whatever reason is going to sting you in the pocket.

If you can't afford to learn how to drive right now then out best advice is this. Dont take a few driving lessons here and there, save some cash up and then do it. Just by going to a driving instructor who is £1 an hour cheaper is not going to save you money, being disciplined with your driving lessons, taking a minimum of two hours a week every week will save you money.

Before you get to your driving test ask your driving instructor to give you mock tests. These driving lessons are under driving test conditions and you will see for sure how prepared you are. Once you pass your mock you will have the preparation and confidence to pass your driving test.

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