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Driving Lessons Penzance

The Money Back Guarantee

Our money back guarantee was created to help make your life simpler in relation to choosing a driving school since they all seem the same.
Our independent company helps find you the best approved driving instructors you'd be happy to learn to drive with.
We are really certain about the skill sets and experience of the approved driving instructor we place you with, that is why we can make this refund offer to you.
Your requirements are very crucial so our office will ensure you receive the best matched approved driving instructor.
You may need an instructor on the weekends, perhaps a lady driving instructor, or perhaps you want to pass quickly.
We all need different things so by getting the best driving instructor for you we make viability much easier.
If after the first driving lesson you aren't totally pleased and do not wish to continue with the instructor we can easily either refund you or help you find a different driving instructor, it's your choice.

How To Save Over £500 On Driving Lessons

The majority of student drivers want to spend less on driving lessons and even though you can save £1 or £2 per lesson we will show you the way to save £500.
The very first thing you must do is steer clear of going for a special deal like 10 hours for £99.

Not liking the driving instructor and not taking pleasure in your driving lessons is likely to make the job of learning to drive much harder.
In the event you look at the stipulations of the deals provided by driving schools you will learn a few of the hours are preserved till your driving test.
So that you could end up departing the driving school early.

The DVSA claim that the average amount of hours taken to complete the driving test is 47 using a approved driving instructor along with an additional 20 hours in addition to that from private practice.

This average involves many different types of students and therefore is distorted from exactly what can be accomplished.
If you take lessons consistently and often without missing weeks your progression shall be fast.

For anybody who is just getting One hour a week or maybe you are omitting weeks your training shall be time-consuming and you will require more hours over all.

And were you aware it will cost you about £200 a time when you flunk your driving test?

So when you discover a driving instructor who you like prior to making a block reservation,
just take two hours of instruction a week as a bare minimum, four hours if you're able to,
and stick to the help guide to passing your driving test the first time then you can save somewhere between £500 and £1000 on having your driving licence.

How To Pass Your Driving Test First Time

Daily our company is asked the question by student drivers as to how to pass your driving test at the first try.

This is our conclusive information.

Many people fail their driving test because they are unaware of just what the driving examiner is seeking.

If you think the driving examiner would like to know you are a safe and secure driver, you're right, but exactly how would you explain safe?

Understanding an effective definition of safe, learning to drive can become much easier and you also become trained for the driving test.

Undoubtedly you will need to follow the laws for the road.

Being familiar with your surroundings and being in the position to react to that is crucial.
When you happen to be the motorist of the car you've got to be in total control
If you work with these pointers from the beginning you will find that your driving practise and passing your test becomes a whole lot easier.

You can expect to be given a progress report card on your first lesson.
The document highlights all of the skills you will have to learn and it scores your skill level.

You're going to be in a position to take your driving test once all the sectors are marked as being "independent"

In the lessons in the run up for your test you really need to be driving without your approved driving instructor assisting you.

This is your verification you are a good and safe driver who is able to drive without any help.

If you help make sure you include these aspects you've every chance for passing your driving test.

Is Your Driving Instructor Qualified?

A number of driving schools will certainly happily appoint you a driving instructor who's a trainee.

While quite a few trainees are very good, can it be proper you're paying full price and is it correct you haven't been informed?

The approved driving instructor we match up to your specifications is properly accredited so you've got no worries.

Exactly what Will We Charge?

On your first driving lesson we look for £25 and that's for a 2 hour driving lesson.

After the 2 hour lesson and providing you want to carry on you will subsequently be asked to pay regional fees.

When we find you a driving instructor we shall make clear what their prices are.

What To Expect On Your Very first Driving Lesson?

Your driving instructor will always phone before driving lesson to arrange the best place to pick you up.
Remember to take with you, your provisional licence to give the instructor, this is for their insurance cover
The driving instructor will just take you to a peaceful area,

When you're happy you will be invited to start the engine and you'll get going.

What If You Want Your Refund?

No issue in the slightest degree.

All that you should do is make contact with the office inside 24 hours of the lesson ending.

You are able to telephone or email us. E mail is good as it is date stamped and our office is shut on the weekends.

you're not obliged but if we're able to we will offer you another driving instructor or a refund, it is your decision to make.

In the event you request a reimbursement then you are unable to continue with that driving instructor.
If you do decide to have your money back then that will terminate your agreement and you will be unable to stick to the instructor.
Deciding to have your refund will mean you're going to be unable to contunue using the driving instructor.

Why Are We Your Best Option?

It really is hard to come by the right driving instructor, each of them look the same and there is very little facts for you to figure out a distinction.
We work together with driving instructors each and every day and we are aware of which driving instructors are fully qualified and which are trainees.
We're going to only offer you a fully qualified approved driving instructor.


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