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On this webpage you are going to learn how to save £100s on passing your driving test and getting your driving licence. First of all we are going to show you how not to learn to drive and then you will see how to save yourself a lot of time and money.

So you have probably seen plenty of driving schools offering big discounts, such as 5 hours for £50 and 10 hours for £100. If you want to risk your cash with these driving schools it is your choice but be aware it costs a driving instructor around £10 an hour to run their car, so as they will not be making any money, what does that mean to you? How good is the lesson? Will you need to take more lessons in total? How much driving will you do? How much will you learn?

And just what if you do not like the driving instructor? Where does that leave you? Yes another 8 hours with them and a lot of time and money wasted.

What else should you avoid? Well if you don't have a lot of money don't spend it on learning to drive because its usually the poorest people who end up taking more lessons. You are desperate to learn so you will have a lesson this week, hen maybe skip a week because you need to spend the money elsewhere and then you will take another lesson. But at what cost? How much have you just forgotten? If money is tight then save up, put the cash somewhere safe then take lessons when you can afford to.

What is the ideal way to learn? That's easy. Take a trial with the driving instructor, this is why we offer you a money back guarantee on your first lesson, we'll tell you more in a moment. Then make sure you take at least 2 hours of driving lessons a week, if you can do more than even better. This way you will forget less in between less, you will learn so much more and quickly, which all means you need fewer driving lessons overall.

The national average is 47 hours and thats when you have 20 hours of private practice but it takes into considerations all drivers. If you set out to pass your theory test quickly and take 2 hours of lessons a week, every week then you will ramp up your learning and have every chance of beating the national average and saving your money.

The Money Back Guarantee works like this. Firstly there are no catches or tricks or anything like that. There is a page on the website detailing the terms and conditions but it essentially boils down to this, if you don't like your lesson you have a choice of a refund or a new instructor. If its a refund then fine we'll refund your card straight away.

The reason for the guarantee is so that you don't fall into any silly offers which lock you into a long term agreement and that you can try a lesson and see how you get on. We take away the risk and the hassle.

You also want a fully qualified driving instructor and there are ,any instructors who are not. So we give you access to our network of instructors and we will guide you on which to take according to your needs. So if you want a female instructor in an automatic car for weekend lessons that is what we will try and provide for you. After the booking you will have all the details of the driving instructor and hey will call you just to say hello and conform pick up details.

On your lesson you will be driving, learning and having fun with a plan in place to help you pass your theory test and practical test.

How Much are Driving Lessons in York?

We are offering you a 2 hour special offer price of £25 then after that it will revert to the driving instructor prices which we will inform you of before you make the booking. Prices do vary from one school to another but the price is difference is small and with our guide to passing your driving test you have all the know how to save cash anyway.

Driving Lessons York
So what is the driving examiner looking for? Have you ever thought about that before? You will probably guess at being safe and you are not wrong but there is more you need to know, just exactly what is safe? Is Driving at 10mph in a 40mph zone safe?  When you take a good long hard look at determining a safe drive you will be brought into two main factors. You have got to be in control of the car at all times because if you are not you have 750kg or so of metal pointing at men, women, children, cars, houses and everything else using or alongside the road. So being in control of the vehicle is one essential aspect of driving. Then there is everything that is going on around you, you need to know what is happening and what could happen, you need to be making predictions and adjusting your driving to those predictions. We refer this as being hazard perception.

At this point we can start to discuss "roadcraft" and that refers t how you drive, the smoothness, creating a good ride, road positioning and making life good for you and all other road users.

As you can see its going to be hard to try and kid a driving examiner into thinking you are good enough when its so easy for them to detect your level of ability. So right from the start of your driving, learn the basics and implement them into every step of your training. The more you do the more enjoyable learning will become because you will get into what you think is regular driving and mastering the road.

Today is your future and with Search For Driving Lessons we can make your future brilliant with a driving licence. Contact us today and fill out the form.

Right now you are on the verge of something amazing and something really important to your life so make sure you get the right driving instructor . There is simply no point in you risking your money and your education with any driving school when you can take full advantage of our money back guarantee.

The guarantee will make sure you have the right instructor, someone who will not only teach you in the way you want to learn, but you will enjoy those driving lessons. You are going to be with your driving instructor for perhaps 40 hours, the national average is 47 hours to pass the driving test so be sure to get the right person where you look forward to your lessons an leave happy.