Driving Schools
With A Money Back Guarantee

How To Get The Best Driving Schools

What Is The Guarantee
There are so many driving schools to choose from, some are more expensive than others and some driving schools have special offers but none really can indicate which is going to be right for you and a lot depends on how you get on with the driving instructor.
Our money back guarantee means you can take a 2 hour driving lesson and if you are left without being satisfied and do not with to continue with that instructor you can have your money back. There is no quibble, no forms to fill, we will just refund you.

How Much Are Lessons
So how much do we charge? It depends on the school and the area but please click this link for more details.

How To Pass First Time
Your first driving lesson is perhaps the best route to passing your driving test first time because driving safely is all about setting good habits and being a safe driver is what the driving test is all about. The driving examiner needs to know you are safe and don't need any assistance, so this is what they are looking for and it's what you should try and do on every driving lesson.

1. You need to be in control of the car at all times, of course the more you learn the better you become at doing this.

2. You are expected to know the Highway Code and to observe it at all times.

3. Being a safe driver needs the attitude of a safe driver, so go into the car and get into that mindset.

4. You need to be able to spot hazards and then change your driving to adapt to the road conditions and any potential hazards

These four steps define and cover what road safety is about, if you go into each and every driving lesson trying to achieve all 4 then you will develop some really good natural habits and become a good safe driver.

being safe isn't about being able to do an emergency stop, drive in a straight line, keeping to the speed limit and not going through red lights, it is all of those factors and much more, so please follow the four steps as pointed out and you will be fine.

Applying For Your Provision Licence
Before you can start to learn to drive either with a professional driving school or with friends and family you must have a UK provisional driving licence. The driving licence number will be taken by the driving instructor on your first driving lessons and you need to have it present with you on that first lesson or it cannot go ahead. This is a legal requirement and is needed for insurance purposes. You do not need to bring the provisional licence on every driving lesson, just the first one and also the day of your driving test.
You can apply for your provisional driving licence by using the link given.

Tracking The Licence Application
Once you have applied for your provisional driving licence you are able to track the process with this link. It will not be long until you can start learning to drive.

Practicing With Friends And Family
Many learner drivers would like to have some private practice with friends and family and this link will help make sure you are being legal. If you happen to be driving illegally both the supervising driver and the learner driver can be prosecuted so please make sure you are doing the right thing.
Private practice is always best when working under the instruction of your driving school, whoever is helping with the private practice your driving instructor is always happy to have a chat and offer advice. It is best to learn to the methods the instructor sets out, that way you will learn more quickly.

Theory Test

Book The Theory Test
The above video is from the DVSA and tells you about the theory test, we have also provided you with a link to book in your theory test. It is advisable to practice and book your theory test as soon as possible. Not only is it the half way point to getting your full driving licence but it will actually help you when on your driving lessons. Once you have passed your theory test you can book your practical driving test, in some areas you may have to wait 3 months for a driving test so it is best to pass the theory and speak with your driving instructor about available dates for the practical.

Practical Test

Book The Practical Test
To book the practical test and to learn more about it watch the video and click the link. You will need your provisional driving licence number, your theory test pass certificate number and a method of payment to book the test. It is best to boo the test in accordance with your driving instructor so you can be sure their diary is free for you. Your driving instructor can give you their ADI number to make sure your dates don't clash with another test.

Driving Test Costs

The cost of the theory test is £20 and the practical test is £61. If you need to take an extended driving test or wish to take a test on a Saturday there is an additional charge. To make sure you are ware of the test prices please click the link.

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