Driving Lessons Folkestone

With A Money Back Guarantee

We believe that it's really difficult to tell the difference between one driving school and another therefore we are going to help you with our money back guarantee.
We are an unbiased organization that actually works with Hundreds of regional driving instructors who you would be very happy to learn to drive with.
We are very confident in the skills and knowledge of the driving instructor we place you with, that is why we are able to make this refund offer to you.
Your requirements are really crucial so our office will ensure you receive the best matched driving instructor.
You may want an instructor on the weekends, perhaps a female driving instructor, or perhaps you want to pass very quickly.
They are all needs which are personal to you and we'll get you the most suitable approved driving instructor.

If after the first driving lesson you're not entirely satisfied and don't wish to continue with the instructor we can either refund you or help you find a different driving instructor, it is your choice.

How To Save Over £500 On Driving Lessons

Would you like to save £500 on passing your driving test and getting your licence? Let us show you how.
You could have seen driving school special offers like £5 hours for £50 and these have to be avoided

Not liking the approved driving instructor and not taking pleasure in your driving lessons will make the task of learning to drive more difficult.
Many of these types of special deals possess terms and conditions which imply 4 or 5 hours are kept back to the conclusion of the program.

Out of desperation you could throw in the towel, and stop taking driving lessons until you choose to find another school.

It will take a learner driver from start to finish an average of forty seven hours of lessons with a driving school and twenty hours with close friends and family coming as individual practice.
The average is substantial because lots of people tend not to learn effectively.

frequent and regular driving lessons will allow you to focus on your goal which often will facilitate the speediness of your advancement.

And having private training with parents for 2 hours a week for a 10 week time frame will cost £30-£40 a week on insurance and fuel.
And do you know it costs about £200 a time each time you flunk your driving test?
So when you find a driving instructor that you like prior to you making a block reservation,
take two hours of instruction per week as a bare minimum, 4 hours whenever you can,
and follow the guide to passing your driving test the very first time then you can help save approximately £500 and £1000 on having your driving licence.

How To Pass Your Driving Test First Time

We're quite often asked what exactly is the most sage advice to give on how to complete the driving test the first time.

This is just what we would suggest you have to be undertaking
Individuals who fail their driving test often fail since they don't understand what the driving examiner is examining.

If you feel the driving examiner wants to know you are a safe and secure driver, you're right, but wait, how do you determine safe?

If you're able to get a handle on an accurate definition of what it is to be safe within your first driving instruction this enables you to create good behaviors for the driving test,
Adhering to the Highway Code as well as the legalities of driving is necessary.

Being conscious of your surroundings and being competent to respond to that is vital.
When you happen to be the motorist in the car you've got to be in total control
If you follow all of these 3 basic steps from your very first driving lesson passing the driving test will always be simpler.
Simply by putting those tips into practice from the start of your driver training, getting your driving licence is going to be much simpler.

In your first driving lesson the approved driving instructor will provide you with a progress report card.

Each of the techniques you have to obtain and the level of ability you are at, are ranked on the form
You'll be ready to take your driving test once all the sectors are marked for being "independent"

Before you take your driving test you'll want to be on your driving lessons driving without any guidance or support out of your approved driving instructor
You won't need anything at all or anyone else to convey you are sufficiently good due to the fact now you have the proof you can actually drive without support.

If you want to pass your driving test you ought to be guaranteeing every one of these aspects have been completely taken care of.


Is Your Driving Instructor Qualified?

You have to be mindful that some driving schools will set you with a trainee driving instructor and not someone fully qualified.
If you are paying full price for the driving lessons you have to ask your self is it fair for you to be given a trainee instructor?
The driving instructor we match up to your requirements is properly accredited so you have no worries.


Exactly what Do We Charge?

The first driving lesson is for 2 hours and we're asking for just £25.

The local rate will be applied on the second driving lesson if you desire to continue.
When we have matched your needs and identified the most effective driving instructor, we will obviously provide you with their normal costs.

What Can Be Expected On Your 1st Driving Lesson?

Before the day of your driving lesson the driving instructor is going to have phoned you just for a brief overview.

Then on the day you need to take with you your provisional drivers licence.

You'll be taken to a peaceful place to start your driving lessons,

very shortly you will be switching on the engine, driving, and having a great time.


What If You Want Your Refund?

Which is totally ok.
(Our company is ok with that
You will have to communicate with the booking office within 24 hours of your lesson ending.

You can telephone or email us. E mail is good as it is date stamped and our office is shut on the weekends.

you're not obliged however if we are able to we'll offer you another driving instructor or a refund, it's your decision to make.

If you do request a refund then you are unable to continue with that driving instructor.
If you do decide to have your money back then that will cease your agreement and you will be not able to continue with the instructor.
Choosing to have your money back will mean you will be not able to contunue with the driving instructor.

Why Are We Your Best Choice?

It really is hard to come by the best driving instructor, they all seem exactly the same and there is very minimal facts to be able to ascertain a difference.
We work with driving instructors daily and we are aware of which driving instructors are fully qualified and which might be trainees.
We are going to only ever offer you a properly accredited driving instructor.