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Search For Driving Lessons can help you find the best driving instructor in Herne Bay so you can have a great opportunity of passing your driving test at the very first attempt.

Your problem right now is not finding a driving school because there are pretty much hundreds of driving schools, you can't walk out of your house for 5 minute without coming across one. Your problem is working out who is good and who you want to avoid.

Choosing a driving school is difficult but we make it easy with our money back guarantee. Usually when a learner driver chooses a driving school they will consider price, the car, how good the website is and if the instructor sounds nice. None of that is an indication to determine the quality of your driving lessons, not even a recommendation of a bunch of testimonials make any form of guarantee. But we do.

We give you a money back guarantee and a 1st lesson special offer of 2 hours for just £25. Let us explain why we are providing this to you and how we can.
Taking driving lessons ought to be fun and what you really want to avoid is getting a driving instructor who has the personality of a wet lettuce and does very little teaching. We know that if you take a 2 hour lesson you are going to get a good impression so you can make a considered evaluation and final decision. If you like the lesson then great, continue with the instructor and plan your way to passing your driving test. But if the lesson isn't for you, if you didn't get on with the instructor and would prefer not take take another lesson with him or her then you can have your money back. How good is that?

Actually we will give you the choice of your money back or anther instructor if we have someone who we think suits your needs, but the choice is yours, its all down to want you want in this hassle free, stress free decision.

So how can we do this? Our parent company works directly with some of the best driving instructors in Herne Bay, in fact right across the UK. These driving instructors are small family businesses, fully qualified and they know what it takes to help you pass your driving test and get your driving licence. We spoke to the instructors and asked if they would be ok to have a money back guarantee on the first lesson so you the pupil can try the lesson risk free. They all said yes and that's because they have the experience and knowledge to get you on your way and give a great driving lesson at the same time.

You have have seen some companies offer lessons at £10 an hour and while to the untrained eye that can be very appealing, in actual fact it costs a driving instructor around £10 an hour to run the driving school car. So you have to ask how are they going to make any money, and what happens to the quality of your driving lesson? So if you want a special offer of that magnitude, we're sorry to tell you that not only do we avoid those types of deals, but it isn't special because it costs you in the end.

Now have you thought about how you are going to pass your driving test? Do you have a plan for it? Most learners just turn up to lessons and have lessons week after week after week...after week! It gets you know where, apart from burning a hole in your pocket. What you need is a learning plan so you can plot your course to passing your driving test.

So this is how you could be thinking when planning your route to success. Firstly get your theory test passed as soon as you possibly can. You won't believe how good it is for your learning and we find that learners who do pass their theory test earlier usually need fewer lessons to pass their driving test. That;s just the sort of news you want to hear.

Once the theory test is passed you are technically 50% of the way to getting your licence, and you have 2 years in which to do it. What we recommend is you book your test right now as soon as you have passed theory. Work with your driving instructor for a good date and then book in your driving lessons. You won't have to pay up front unless you are doing a block booking and by having the lessons penciled into your diary your focus improves, your levels of concentration increase and you learn more rapidly. Just what you want!

When you take driving lessons please make sure you can afford them. There is nothing worse than seeing a learner driver take intermittent lessons because they can't afford them every week, if that sounds like you do yourself a huge favour and save up first. People who skip lessons for whatever reason end up taking more in the long run and of course that costs you more. So get your theory passed, save up some cash and then take lessons when you can commit to weekly regular lessons. You see if you miss a week in between driving lessons you forget an awful lot and your next lesson is spent recapping on what you did before...and yes you are losing out on time and cash.

If you can please take at least 2 hours of driving tuition a week and if you can take 4 or 6 hours then do it. Your learning will accelerate rapidly and you will need fewer driving lessons overall.

Before you get to your driving test you want to know if you are going to pass or fail. Nope you do not have a crystal ball but by now your driving instructor should have given you at least one mock driving test which you passed. A mock driving test is really important to you, it shows you that you have skills to drive by yourself with help and support, that's what the driving test is for. So if you can prove to yourself you can driving unaided then you are going to go into that driving test on top of the world. You will have all the preparation and all the confidence needed.

To get started just fill out the form and we'll call you back. We will be able to help you find the right driving instructor for your needs, male, female, automatic, manual, weekend lessons...etc

We'll ask you about your experience and ask if you have a date in mind for when you want to get your driving licence. That might be in a few weeks, something specific or perhaps a little more open minded by having Christmas, Easter, or the summer holidays as a goal.

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