How Much Are Driving Lessons In Your Area

Can We Help You Save £500

How Much Are Driving Lessons With The Best Schools?

Passing your driving test can be an expensive project to undertake so Search For Driving Lessons are going to show you how much are driving lessons and how can you help yourself to save on money.

The price of driving lessons will vary across the UK so first of all let us look into the cost of a driving lesson from a driving instructors point of view. This costs are approximate but will give you an excellent idea.

The average driving instructor will work around 35 hours a week, that is teaching time but with lesson planning and driving in between lessons that rises to around 50 hours a week, but for the cost of a lesson we work out the cost on the lesson given.

The driving instructor will usually drive a modern car less than a year old, these are mainly leased vehicles and can cost in the region of £150 a week. Additionally the have fixed costs such as franchise or marketing fees which can be in the region of £80 per week, car insurance, other business services such as mobile phones and training programs and of course there is fuel. With the include of taxes paid at the end of the year it is estimated the driving instructors cost per driving lesson is in the region of £12 to £13 an hour, naturally this will vary from school to school.

So how can you save as much as £500

The costs of the driving lesson are not going to change, yes you can take a cheap deal but you have to question what sort of driving lessons will you be getting. This is why we offer we money back guarantee on the first lesson, so you can see if you like the driving instructor and it won't impede upon the quality of the lesson.

The right thing to do to save £500 is to make sure you can afford to take driving lessons every week. Learner drivers who miss weeks because they can't afford to take a lesson end up paying more because they will need more lessons. It works like this. If you took an hours lesson on the 1st of the month and didnt take another lesson until the 15th what will you have learned? Will you have progressed? Or will you be pretty much back at square one?

The average number of hours needed to pass the driving test is 47 hours with a professional driving instructor. That figure is going to include those who only do one hour a week and also include people who miss out on training due to not having the funds.

So what happens if you have saved up and you have take 2 to 4 hours a week of driving lessons? Well of course you will progress much quicker but you are going to save money by needing fewer driving lessons. You could cut your number of lessons down by as many as 12 and that will save you in the region of £250 to £300.

In addition to the 47 hours the average learner driver will also have private practice, often with a parent. 20 hours seems to be the norm and if you did this over a 2 to 3 month period, insurance can easily cost £300. However if you are taking 2 to 4 hours a week with a driving instructor you will not need the private practice. In total you can plan to save in the region of £500 to £600.

How To Save More Money

1. Pass your theory test early. By doing so it can help you reduce the number of driving lessons you need as the driving instructor will not need to coach you on certain areas such as hazard perception and road signs. Just saving 5 minutes on each lesson can save you 3 or 4 hours overall.

2. Once you have passed your theory test get your driving test booked. Speak to your driving instructor about this and schedule in your lessons. They will know how many driving lessons you are going to need. Booking it early like this gives you a focus and you can always postpone or take extra lessons if needed.

3. The driving test is all about driving safely and if you fail your driving test we think it sets you back around £300, thats to include a new test, hiring the car on the day and extra driving lessons. So if you want to pass first time you need to show the driving examiner you are safe. The way to do this is by doing the following.
Always be in control of the car.
Follow the Highway Code.
Drive like a safe driver would want to.
Spot hazards and change your driving to match that.

There really isn't much more to it than those 4 points.
If you follow our guide we think there is every chance you have save over £500 perhaps as much as £800.

So to answer the questions "how much are driving lessons?" they do vary from school to school and where you live so while you can save perhaps £2 or £3 per lesson locally you can save a lot more using our guide. If a driving instructor is charging £30 an hour, remember only around £17 is profit, and around 15 hours a week is unpaid. That perhaps is not your problem but it has to be built into their business costs. When you consider an adult working in a supermarket can get £8 to £10 an hour, £17 an hour is pretty fair considering you are getting a skill for life...

Thank you for reading and we hope you have a great time learning.
be sure to phone us to take up our money back guarantee offer.