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If you want driving lessons in Killamarsh there is a lot of driving schools to choose from but who is going to be the best option for you? We can help you with our money back guarantee.

More than 50% of learner drivers are going to fail their driving test, its a real awful statistic that most driving schools in Killamarsh do not want to share with you. How would you feel having had all those lessons only to be given a 50/50 chance - its not good is it?

You would think people who need to take the driving test a 2nd and 3rd time have a higher chance of passing, so if the overall average is just 47% how bad are your chances of passing at the first time?

The Number One Reason For Any Learner Failing Their Driving Test Is Practically Unknown To Driving Instructors in Killamarsh


Not so long ago a survey of instructors was conducted on Facebook asking for their opinion on why most people fail their driving test. The official reason as released by the DVSA is observation at junctions. This has been number one for the last ten years, so there really isn't any excuse for driving instructors in Killamarsh to get this wrong. 

The results of the survey showed around 80% blame the pupil.
Instructors said the main reason for failure is nerves!

In short, you pay for 40 odd lessons because that is the average. It's you hard earned, you take the test, you fail and you are blamed for it. 
Is that right?
For sure, it is your driving test, but what about accountability?
It takes two people to teach, why blame you and nerves especially when the DVSA do not?

Of Block Book Driving Lessons in Killamarsh

Search For Driving Lessons recently spoke with driving instructor an owner of the driving school Nicky Harris for her reflections on block book lessons. 

Nicky shares an opinion with many driving schools that block book lessons should only really be taken and booked once the learner driver has had a few driving lessons and gotten to know the instructor. The relationship between teacher and pupil is always significant when it comes to learning, so what happens when the pupil struggles to like or understand the instructions from the teacher. Obviously learning becomes difficult and this is something you want to avoid.

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Driving Schools in Killamarsh With Special Offers
Don't Be Fooled Into This...

Have you seen the driving schools in Killamarsh with special deals such as 5 hours for £50 and 10 hours for £100?
Our strongest recommendation is stay well clear, here is why.

1. A driving instructor can pay around £13 an hour to run their car for one driving lesson, that fee includes all business expenses.
2. So it begs the questions how can they do lessons at £10 an hour?
3. Will it be a full hour?
4. Whats the quality of the lesson like?
5. How many of those hours are held back from you, so you can't use them until your driving test.

All we say is, you have been warned!

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Cheap driving lessons in Killamarsh

There are lots of driving schools in Killamarsh offering cheap driving lessons but are they really that cheap? As previously discussed you can buy 10 hours of lessons for £100 but will they be a full hours lesson? How good are the lessons? And how come you can't take all the hours in one or 2 weeks? How come many of the hours are not given to you until you have perhaps spent 30 or 40 hours with them?

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