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On this website you are going to find out why you should take our amazing money back guarantee, how to pass your driving test...yes we are going to give you some awesome help, and you are going to understand how to tell the difference between a good driving lessons and school and erm...one you would prefer to avoid. Search For Driving Lessons have you covered...

Money Back Guarantee
You cant tell who is going to be a good driving instructor or driving school for you, and rather than us jumping up and down saying how good we are...which you probably won't believe anyway, why should you? So we are offering you a money back guarantee, if you don't like your first driving lesson with your driving instructor and you do not wish to continue, no problem we'll refund you.

The reason why we are doing this is because we remember what it was like to start learning to drive, all school pretty much look the same and all you have got to go on to determine quality is perhaps the car, the website and they way someone sounds over the phone. Thats no indication to quality and your gut feeling doesn't always get it right, so if we give you a fair and reasonable guarantee then yo have got nothing to lose. Good isn't it!

Special Offers
We want to go one extra step and also offer you a 2 hour lesson for just £25. In a 2 hour lesson you are going to have the time to get a good feeling about your lesson, the driving instructor and of course you can see just how much you have learned and enjoyed yourself.

There are driving schools in London who offer 5 hours for £50 and £10 hours for £99 but pay attention to the clauses, you will often find some of the hours are held back until the day of your driving test...but what if you don't like the instructor? You are just going to lose your money. Imagine 10 hours with someone who you don't like?

You also need to know that to run a driving school car it costs about £10 an hour, so if you are doing 10 hours at £10 each you have to ask how good is the quality of the lesson, and how will the driving school make a profit from you?...Extra lessons perhaps? The problem is you just do not know, so its better to take a 2 hour lesson with a money back guarantee, this way you get great quality and you can be assured your investment is safe.

If you are a bit hard pushed for cash and you really want to start learning our recommendation is for you to save up. We realise that may mean you not contacting us for a while but you will be better for it. You see when money is a bit tight you miss lessons here and there, its bound to happen and its not your fault. However it causes you a problem, when you miss lessons you forget what you had previously learned so the next lesson becomes more of a recap. In the end you take too many lessons, so if you can put some money together and take regular weekly lessons. Our recommendation is for at least 2 hours a week, but 4 or 6 hours will be better if you want to cut down the overall number of hours you need to get your driving licence.

The national average number of hours to pass your driving test is 47 and thats when you have 20 hours of private practice on top of paid professional tuition. However this takes into account all learners of all abilities of all ages. So if you want to be lower than the national average then take regular weekly lessons.

A great way to start passing your driving test especially if money can be a bit of an issue at times is to revise and pass your theory test, you can even do this before you stat taking driving lessons. The theory test is a great tool for you because what you learn while practicing you can then take into your driving lessons. Doing so is going to reduce the time it takes for you to learn. For example you will know all the road signs and road markings and no how to react. You will have taken and passed your hazard perception and you can implement that into your driving straight away.

If you are already taking driving lessons when you pass your theory test then have a chat with your driving instructor about booking your driving test. Waiting times differ from test centre to test centre, some are as low as 4 weeks where others can be as high as 16 weeks for a test,so if you are doing 2 hours a week and the waiting list is 16 weeks speak to your instructor about booking the test now.

Before you get to your driving test make sure you take mock exams. These are not just to help you prepare for exam conditions, we're sure you have probably sat a few exams anyway. They are to make sure you are prepared and that you recognise you are ready, then you can go into your driving test full of confidence.

When you take your driving test your driving examiner is looking for a smooth and comfortable ride, who wouldn't, and it's a massive indication of how you ought to be driving. But it goes further than that, of course you need to demonstrate that you are a safe driver so what does being a safe driver entail? Its a good questions that you need to know the answer of and you need to practice this right from your first lesson because that will form a good habit. Having good habits means driving becomes easier; habit becomes like an autopilot and driving like that shows you are knowledgeable and experienced. Its all about programming yourself...

So to be a safe driver you have to be in total control of the car at all times, makes sense doesn't it. And you need to be aware of your surroundings so you can react to any dangers, keeping yourself and others safe.

If you can go into your driving test knowing you can drive without the need of your instructor and you can show the examiner you are safe then you will be coming out with a full driving licence. That driving licence is going to change your world.

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The choice is now yours, you can either risk your time and money with a driving school charging £10 and getting you know where or you can take our money back guarantee. Let us show you how good we are and you will never look back.

From all at Search For Driving Lessons we wish you all the best with your new and exciting  adventure and we'll be delighted if you choose us.

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