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From Butterflies To Panic Attacks

You deserve the opportunity to drive with confidence and our friendlt team can hekp you banish your nerv

You deserve the chance to drive, and without a driving licence, society will leave you feeling isolated and undervalued. Today you can take safe and sensible steps of being in control and comfortable...

Being stressed over driving can hold back your life,
we can help you prevent that from happening.

Your hands can become moist,
your heart may race and perhaps you panic,
these symptoms can put you off driving forever.

But our easy stress free training
will put you in the driver's seat to becoming relaxed

Feeling Anxious About Driving Can Put The Handbrake On Your Career And Social Life

Despite the improvements with public transport
it will never be able to give you a personalised service
and your life, shopping trips and career opportunities
will always be tied down to time-tables.

Not having the ability to drive changes lives,
putting the brakes on your life opportunities.
Today you will take a giant step towards leaving behind your driving anxiety,  soon you will have the ability to feel comfortable when driving.

You Are Not Alone – 1000s Of People Suffer From Terrible Nervous Experiences

When was the last time you heard a friend
discuss their driving nerves?
The thing is, people don’t talk about it, it’s almost a taboo topic
because people feel it’s embarrassing.

What’s happening right now is you think you are alone,
isolated, and feel you will never be able to do this.
If friends are not asking now about your driving, they will be.
“Why can’t you drive?”

If you have not started to line up the excuses, you soon will do.
"I didn't need to"
"I couldn't afford it"
"My job didn't require me to"

No one ever admits to being too nervous to drive – do they?
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Did You Know Feeling Anxious Is Perfectly Healthy?

Since everyone else has a car you can feel
quite abandoned from the pleasures of being behind the wheel.
Anyhow, did you know
feeling nervous about driving is normal and quite healthy?
Think about it...

...How long have humans graced this planet for,
and how long have we had the ability to travel so fast?
Even sitting on the back of a horse, galloping at 25mph is hair raising. 
As a species we have been riding horses for thousands of years!
Evolution hasn't caught up.

Is it really surprising you aren't confident
when cars are driving towards you and you're driving your own destiny?

A Quick And Easy Cure…

You do have the opportunity of a fast, effective and permanent remedy
to stop feeling nervous when driving - our special nervous learners course.

We won’t push you, or set demanding targets.
What we do is work within your comfort zone.
We are patient, friendly instructors, understanding of the bigger picture.
The cars we use are dual controlled, you will be very safe
and we work with many nervous learners.

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Taking Away Your Stress

The decision is yours,
you are only a few steps away from being in control
and feeling great driving a car.
The opportunities you will have once you can drive are endless.

All you need to do is give us a call,
our experienced team will help you with your questions,
and your instructor will support you with friendly,
patient tuition, designed to progress at the pace you want to set.
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