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Part Trained Driving Lessons
"How To Pass Fast”

You want to get your licence in the least amount of driving lessons as possible and to have a good time.

For whatever reason your learning to drive experience came off the rails. You have seen a stack of driving school websites, but don't want to start again with beginner lessons. Let us help you save time and money passing your test...


Why join a driving school
when they do not offer specific lessons for the part trained learner?
If you are serious about passing your driving test
and want to save time and money
then our part trained driving lessons for lapsed learner
will be perfect for you.

You have already developed driving skills,
maybe with another driving school,
or perhaps with friends and family.
You know that starting from the beginning
is going to be a waste of time and money.

Granted, you are not naïve to think
some of the skills you have learned don’t need perfecting,
but you have gone way beyond beginner lessons.

The problem with nearly all driving schools,
and you have seen their websites,
is they do not offer anything for people like you.

Why should you have to start all over from the beginning.
If you are anything like our other customers
you just want to crack on and get your driving licence.

Your Flying Start

We want you to hit the ground running,
every minute is valuable to you,
so before you even start your first lesson our friendly team
will have a really good idea of your experience,
the skills you have and what you need to do next.

When you phone to make your enquiry,
we’ll be asking you detailed questions so we can give you
the best support possible.

The notes we make will start your file
and will be read by the driving instructor.
Next, you’ll be receiving a call from the instructor
to cover any fine detail,
all the info gathered will go towards
a flying start on your first lesson.

Your first lesson is more like an assessment
and a lesson rolled into one,
we want to check your skills and to begin fine tuning you.
At the end of the lesson you instructor will have created a Pupil Record,
documenting your skills, and what you need to learn.

It will give you an estimation of how many more hours
you require to become test standard.
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Let’s Book Your Practical Test

Yes, you are going to have a good time
but you are not here for the fun of it,
you are here for one reason,
to get your driving licence.

Assuming you have already passed your theory test,
shall we book your practical? What’s stopping us?
You are here to get your driving licence,
so let’s plan in those all important lessons,
and let’s have you ready for your test.

Our part trained lessons are going to save you 
time and money as you prepare to pass your test.