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You want to get your licence in the least amount of driving lessons as possible and to have a good time.

We can help you with our money back guarantee to find the best driving lessons in Portsmouth.  With o many driving schools around who is the best choice for you? Can you see the difference in quality? We Can..!

Are you aware that more than 50% of people fail their driving test and each time you fail your driving test it will cost you around £300. Imagine failing your driving test twice - £600 gone - just like that. But we have some more very serious news to share with you...

The driving test pass rate for 2016 was just 47% , and that includes people taking 2nd and 3rd tests, just imagine how low the first time pass rate is.

The #1 Reason For Failing The Driving Test Is  Largely Unknown To Driving Instructors in Portsmouth


When it comes to the important factors of the driving test
most driving instructors do not have a clue!
In a recent poll on Facebook, instructors were asked the most common reason for failing the driving test and around 80% said failoing the test was down to being nervous.


The DVSA, the people who record all the data and have all the facts don't agree, the number one reason for failing is observation at junctions and it has been like that for 10 years! 

So why are instructors laying the blame at your feet?
Is that fair after you have taken a stack of driving lessons,
for them just to reject you and blame your nerves.

The reason why people are failing with observation at junctions is because they have not been trained properly - end of story.

What grade is your driving instructor in Portsmouth

Did you know driving instructors in Portsmouth along with the rest of the country are graded?
The DVSA is the government department behind this and the grades used to be 6, 5 and 4.
6 was the highest grade and around 8% were a Grade 6, the lowest grade being a 4.

Today the grades are different
Grade A 
Grade B

Around 25% are a grade A
And if the driving instructor fails their test
this is known as a Standards Check
the instructor can still continue teaching people to drive!

Can you see how important it is to make sure you have a fully qualified driving instructor?
The questions to ask are.
What is your grade?
When were you last graded?
What have you done since to maintain and improve your performance standards.

Cheap driving lessons In Portsmouth

Anyone learner wanting their full driving licence
may get CONvinced into buying cheap driving lessons in Porstmouth.
The ruth is, cheap driving lessons in Portsmouth don’t exist!
Are you aware that a driving lesson  in Portsmouth
can cost a driving instructor around £13 an hour?
The question has got to be asked about quality when they are 
only charging £10 an hour

If you see a driving school
with a special offer based on 1 or 2 lessons thats fine,
but not 5 and certainly not 10.
These type of lessons usually mean the learner is parked at 
the side of the road or in a car park
listening to the driving do you feel about that?

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The HIDDEN Dangers
Of Block Book Driving Lessons

Search For Driving Lessons took some time out to talk to 
one of the best driving schools in Portsmouth Lendrums. 
We asked the owner of the school John Lendrum, 
for his opinion on block book lessons.

John said "we do offer block book driving lessons in Portsmouth
but we really prefer the learner to take just one or two lessons at first.
You see its really important the learner feels comfortable with the instructor
and while ours are excellent, personal choice is important
when it comes to learning"

In summary, Lendrums do offer you the choice of buying block book driving lessons
but their opinion is to get to know the instructor first.
There are some schools who want you to block book straight away
and tempt you with a deal, but you will find yourself trapped in the school.
The school will with hold some of the lessons from you.
You don't want that.
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Failing at other schools? Click here to see why it's probably not your fault
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Driving Schools in Portsmouth With Special Offers
Don't Be Run Over

Here is the bare naked truth about special deals 
that driving schools in Portsmouth are offering.

Don't be taken in by these special offers, they are not special.
You do the maths and you think, 10 hours for £100 is £10 a lesson.
However did you know it can cost an instructor around £13 an hour 
just to run the lesson. So how do they pay for it?

What sort of lesson are you getting?

Furthermore these lessons are not front loaded where you can take all the lessons in one go.
Oh, No.
You have to split the lessons over a period of time.
You may find some of the driving lessons being held. back to when you  get close to taking your test

So what happens if you dont like the lessons
or you do not like the driving instructor
or they don't turn up on time?
In one word "tough!" 

So if you see driving schools in Portsmouth with special offers, 
don't bother.

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