Driving Lessons Sheerness

With A Money Back Guarantee

Our money back guarantee is made to help make your life a lot easier with regards to selecting a driving instructor simply because they all seem precisely the same.
We're a nationwide but independent driving school company working with instructors in your town who you would be pleased to work with.
We're only ready to give you a reimbursement of your driving lesson because we know our approved driving instructors are of the highest quality.

We make the process quite easy for you, give us a call and we'll get you the top instructor for your needs.

All learners have diverse requirements, for instance you might want your lessons to start from work or school as opposed to beginning from your home. These are all requirements that happen to be personal to you and we will get you the most suitable driving instructor.

If following the first driving lesson you are not completely pleased and don't wish to continue with the instructor we can easily either repay you or help you find a different driving instructor, it's your option.

How To Save Over £500 On Driving Lessons

Would you like to save £500 on passing your driving test and getting your licence? Let us show you how.
If you have run into discounts for example Five hours for £50 or Ten hours for £100 then avoid them without exceptions.
If you do not exactly like the approved driving instructor it'll be very, very hard work for you, and you may not learn a lot.

If you look at the fine print of the special deals given by driving schools you will observe a number of the hours are saved till your driving test.
Out of desperation you might admit defeat, and quit taking driving lessons until you opt to find another school.

The DVSA declare that the average amount of hours taken to pass the driving test is forty seven with a approved driving instructor along with an additional twenty hours furthermore from private training.

Simply because some people aren't taught to learn to a framework these figures are high.

frequent and regular driving lessons can help you prioritize on your end goal which experts claim will facilitate the speediness of your progression.

Should you be only having 1 hour a week or maybe you are missing weeks your learning will likely be time-consuming and you may need more hours over-all.

And were you aware it costs close to £200 a time each time you flunk your driving test?
So when you find a driving instructor that you like prior to making a block booking,
take a couple of hours of tuition per week as a bare minimum, 4 hours if you can,
and stick to the help guide to successfully completing your driving test the first time then you could help save anywhere between £500 and £1000 on obtaining your driving licence.

How To Pass Your Driving Test First Time

A good number of novice drivers ask us for our best recommendation on how to get their driving licence by successfully completing their driving test first-time.
These are our solutions.

Many people fail their test because they're unaware of exactly what the driving examiner is seeking.

For anyone who is of the belief you ought to demonstrate you happen to be a safe driver you are correct, however exactly what is safe?

Once you know an effective meaning of safe, driving lessons will become much easier and you become trained for your test.

Following the Highway Code and the legalities of driving is essential.

Being conscious of your surroundings and being in a position to react to that is essential.
When you're the driver of the car you've got to be in complete control
Should you use these recommendations from the starting point you will notice that learning to drive and passing your test becomes a whole lot easier.
In your first driving lesson the approved driving instructor will provide you with a progress report card.

The document details each of the skills you need to learn and it grades your skill level.

Once you are considered independent in all areas you're then fully equipped to pass your driving test

Before your driving test you will need to be on your driving lessons driving without the guidance or support out of your approved driving instructor
You will not require anything or anyone else to state you're good enough due to the fact now you possess the evidence you can actually drive without having support.

If you wish to pass your driving test you have to be ensuring each of these elements are already covered.


Is Your Approved Driving Instructor Accredited?

You should be conscious that some driving schools will set you with a trainee driving instructor and not somebody fully qualified.
Should you be having to pay full price for the driving lessons you need to ask your self can it be reasonable for you to receive a trainee instructor?
You will have no worries here for the reason that we simply offer properly accredited driving instructors.

Exactly what Do We Charge you?

Your initial driving lesson is for 120 minutes and we're asking for only £25.

The regional charge will be applied on the next driving lesson if you desire to continue.
After we have located the best driving instructor for you personally we shall explain their costs so that you find out beforehand.

What Can Be Expected On Your First Driving Lesson?

The driving instructor will always call ahead of the driving lesson to set up the best place to meet you.
Be sure to take with you, your provisional licence to show the instructor, this is for their insurance
You will find yourself brought to a peaceful location to start off your driving lessons,

and before long you shall be driving...and having a good time!


What If You Want Your Reimbursement?

That's absolutely ok.
(We are comfortable with that
You'll have to get a hold of the booking office inside 24 hours of your lesson finishing.

You are able to telephone or email us, however if you really need to contact us out of office hours an e-mail is best as it carries a date stamp.
you're not obliged but if we're able to we'll offer you another driving instructor or a refund, it's your decision to make.

If you do ask for a refund then you cannot continue with that driving instructor.
In the event you opt to have a reimbursement then that would finish your agreement and you'll be unable to stick to the instructor.
Choosing to have your repayment means you will be not able to contunue with the driving instructor.

Why Are We Your Best Option?

It really is hard to find the best driving instructor, each of them look exactly the same and there is very little facts for you to ascertain a difference.
We work together with driving instructors day to day and we recognize which driving instructors are fully qualified and which are trainees.
We will only ever offer you with a fully qualified driving instructor.