Our Money Back Guarantee


At Search For Driving Lessons we will help you find the best driving instructor in West Allotment and if you are not 100% satisfied and unhappy with the driving lesson we will give you an automatic refund!

For years learner drivers just like yourself have never known which driving school to join, you have been thinking of learning to drive for some time but all driving schools look the same, who do you choose?

You may have an older brother or sister, perhaps a few friends who are taking driving  lessons or have already passed their driving test and got their driving licence who have given you a recommendation, but that does not mean you will enjoy the lesson.
At Search For Driving Lessons, we set all of that straight for you, keeping your money safe and your time.

It works like this, all you need to do is fill out our form at the top of the website. Our friendly team will then locate several of our recommended instructors in your area and will call you back. We may need to ask you a few more questions such as, have you passed your theory test and if you have a date in mind for passing your practical test. It does not matter if you have not passed the theory test, we only want to know so we can help you. And if you do have a date n mind to pass your driving test by, we'll help you meet your target.

After presenting you with a selection of driving instructors to suit your needs, such as male, female, manual, automatic, evening lessons, weekends lessons etc. You will be able to choose the driving instructor you want to go with.

After payment is made you are sent a receipt for your records and instructions on how to claim your refund if you so need it. Most people don't need to use the money back guarantee due to the high levels of service you will receive.

The first driving lessons is for 2 hours and its only £25. We want you to have a 2 hour driving lesson because it will give you the time you need to get a feel of the lesson and to see whether or not you like the driving instructor. Some driving schools do 10 hour special offers but they often come with catches such as half the lessons are reserved for the driving test. What if you do not like the instructor and what if you are not learning quickly. You are either stuck with the driving instructor or you lose your money. Its not good is it?

It costs around £10 an hour for a driving instructor to run their business, so if you are thinking of taking a cheap offer you  have to consider the quality of the lesson you are going to receive and how much driving will they let you do? Petrol isn't cheap and if the driving instructor is not going to make any money for the first 10 lessons then will you be a doing a lot of driving or a little?

This is why we want to offer you our 2 hour special deal at just £25. It gives you confidence and you can be assured of a great time if not you can ask for your money back. If you do need to ask for your money back the best way is by email especially over weekends and we'll refund your card however we will need to speak to you so we will call you. If you are unhappy you can also take the option of trying one more different driving instructor, but if you leave one instructor you cant go back to them.

Trying to find a driving instructor to suit the way you learn is an impossible task and many learner drivers end up losing money due to needing to change driving instructor. With Search For Driving Lessons we have made your life easy and simple, there is no risk to you what so ever and you can get on with enjoying your driving lesson.

 Driving Lesson Tips

Many people ask us what is the best way to save money on passing the driving test and what is he best way to pass first time. This is what we have to say and you will really see the benefits in our advice if you follow this through.

You will not see this written anywhere else but we want to be upfront, if you don't have enough money to take weekly regular driving lessons then do not start to learn to drive. Honestly...the best way for you is to save up if you need to and then start to take your lessons. We know how much yo want to start driving, we have been in your shoes ourselves but the people who can least afford to learn to drive often end up paying the most...

You see if you take lets say 1 hour this week, one hour the next, miss the 3rd week, and take an hour in the 4th week, by the time you get to the fourth week you will have forgotten so much because you missed the 3rd week and its like starting again. You really do not want to be doing that. 2 weeks in between driving lessons is a huge time and we're only saying this for your benefit, after all it is your choice.

One hour a week is also going to be detrimental to your learning and your bank balance. You will learn very little because the following week you will spend time recapping what you did in the previous week. Soon enough you will get frustrated, you may even change driving instructor which ends up costing you more money and all because you were not able to take at least 2 hours a week every week.

Our recommendation, if your finances allow is to take a 2 hour lesson every 3 days, that way what you have learned is going to stay fresh in your mind. There is less to recap, and you learn so much more quickly.

Did you know that the average number of hours to pass the driving test is 47, and thats with 20 hours of private practice. But that takes into account all learners. If you go through with our advice you will need fewer lessons than taking one a hour a week and that will save you money.

To pass your driving test first time we also recommend you quickly take and pass your theory test as this will actually help with your driving and confidence.  Then once you are ready for your driving test make sure you take mock tests. A mock driving test will show you are ready to impress the driving examiner.