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The Shocking TRUTH That Driving Schools Don't Want You To Know

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Taking driving lessons in Aberdeen ought to be an amazing experience as you start your journey to pass your driving test, but did you know most people fail their driving test? How can your chances of failing your test be higher than passing after you have taken so many driving lessons?

Failing your driving test is going to cost you around £300, you have the fee for the driving test and then another £200 to £250 on driving lessons, it actually suits a driving schools in Aberdeen to see you fail, your failure is their success and their profit. Of course not all driving schools want you to fail, but how many are going to give you a 100% service? It's not in their interests.

The driving test pass rate for 2016 was just 47% , and that includes people taking 2nd and 3rd tests, just imagine how low the first time pass rate is.

The MAIN Reason For Failing Is Practically Unknown To Driving Instructors

There are some very well meaning driving instructors
but in a recent survey of instructors in a Facebook group,
80% said the main reason for failing the driving test was nerves…

...They were all wrong.

The most common reason for failing the driving test
is observation at junctions.
In fact nerves are not even listed in the top 10 reasons.
You can click here to read the official DVSA document.

Is it no wonder the pass rate is as low as 47% when instructors
don’t even know the real reason why people are failing?
This is exactly why learner drivers
get fed up with their driving lessons and switch schools.

Do you really want driving lessons with a school
who don't know why their learners are failing?

That screenshot was taken from Facebook.
The question was asked in a special group for driving instructors
and almost 80% said polled nerves are to blame for failing the test.

The instructors are blaming you!

When you drive at any time you are always responsible for your driving
and when you go on your driving test it's the same,
but its wrong for instructors to blame your nerves for failing.

You shouldn't be nervous!
This is not a school exam where your career depends on it
its a test you can take again in a few weeks if you fail.

...if you are fully prepared there is no way you should feel nervous.
Will you be nervous and mess up in a life or death situation when
driving all by yourself?
If you can't handle spotting hazards and performing a emergency stop,
or being comfortable driving in between 2 huge HGVs
then you are not ready to drive.

When you go to your driving test 
you need to be ready.
Instructors blaming your nerves are simply covering up for bad driving tuition.
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Finding The Best Driving Lessons in Aberdeen

So with pass rates less than 50% 
and driving instructors blaming you for failing
where are you going to find the right driving lessons in Aberdeen?

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Female Driving Instructors in Aberdeen

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There are many good reasons for choosing a lady to work with,
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