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Driving Lessons Ashford:
Pass Your Driving Test

For some time you have been ready to want to take driving lessons because you would love a driving licence so you can hit the road and just go places. We understand that finding a driving instructor can be pretty hard, how can you tell the difference between one driving school and another, they all look the same.

We have made life a lot easier for you by allowing you to take risk free driving lessons, what we mean is that your money is safe and you are not going to end up with a boring instructor.

At SearchForDrivingLessons we work with fully qualified instructors across the UK and here in Ashford Kent. What we do is make sure your first driving lesson has a full money back guarantee, which in short means, if you do not like your lesson you can ask for a refund.

How can we do this?

The driving instructor we will pair you with will match your needs and the instructor will be signed up to our project, they are also fully qualified, you are not expected to know this but some driving instructors have not passed their instructor test.

Therefore you be assured of not only someone who is fully qualified but someone who is patient, friendly, happy to be with you and wants the very best for you.

What is going to happen on your first driving lesson in Ashford?

This may vary very slightly depending on your experience but usually you will be taken to a nice quiet area, free from traffic and away from friends and family. Its nice of your family to wave you off and wish you luck but it can be off putting and you don't need that.

You will be shown the controls of the car, feel free to ask questions at any time, after all it is your lesson and the instructor will also check to see if you have understood. Once you are ready, you will position your seat and mirrors, buckle up, turn the engine on and you will be driving.


All you need to do is to fill out our form and a friendly member of the team will call you. As we are a national company we will phone you with a list of local instructors to you, and then by asking you a few simple questions we'll find you the best match.


You first lesson is only £25 and that is for 2 hours. Before you are placed with an instructor and you agree to try them you will be informed of their rates, so you can pick and choose.


Our team of driving instructors all agree that your first lesson ought to be 2 hours because that will give you enough time to decide if you wish to continue. So for this 2 hour session we are offering you a special price of only £25.


When we phone you we will give you a special phone number and you will also be emailed a receipt for your purchase.
All you need to do is email us or speak to us within 24 hours of your lesson ending and will will give you the option of refunding your debit or credit card or trying a different instructor.


If you wish to continue with your driving lessons then just make arrangements with the instructor and you will pay them directly.


It is difficult to find the right driving instructor and we take away your problem. All you need to do is fill out our form and let us do the rest.
Overall learning to drive is a wonderful experience, once you have the right driving instructor that is. Changing driving instructors is going to end up costing you money. Lets says for example you have 10 hours with your first driving instructor in Ashford but then decide to leave for another school. This new driving school in Ashford is going to need a couple of hours to understand your ability and you have perhaps let your skills diminish as little as you skip a couple of weeks before finding this instructor. A few weeks go by and Christmas comes up so you cancel you lessons to restart sometime in January, but over that time you decide to join a different school. This will mean a new assessment of your skills and you will need time to refresh yourself and take one or two lessons so you can catch up with what you have forgotten.

Taking driving lessons in Ashford this way is going to sting your pocket and it will seem like forever until you even get near to your driving test, never mind passing it.

Our first lesson money back guarantee will give you the ability to assess your driving instructor totally risk free! Now how good is that? It is exactly what you want and its going to give you the edge when saving money in the long run. You are not going to feel trapped like you would do on a so called 5 hour or 10 hour special deal. Just imagine realising that you don't like your instructor one bit, and yet you have another 8 or 9 ours to spend sat right next to them. You are not going to learn a lot are you? Hardly anything. Who can lean a new skill from a teacher who they don't like, you didn't do it at school, and the difference between school and learning to drive is cash.

Even if you are one of the lucky few to be able to throw your money away no one wants to lose cash on something they did not like, so make sure you take our money back guarantee today.

What Happens After You Have Passed Your Driving Test?

Well your life is going to change like you could never imagine. This is not about you not needing to go out early in the cold and wet, waiting for a bus to find that all the seats are taken and you have to stand and hold on tight while listening to boring chit chat, the sound of the bus, the rain pouring on the windows and the music from the guy next to you.

Passing your driving test is about you, its all about you. Where do you want to go? Why? Who do you want to see? What are the opportunities? How are you going to expand your life and fill it to the max?

Whether is finding a life partner, raising a family, going away on weekend road trips, getting a better job or whatever your car and your driving licence is a ticket to a freedom you can control.

3am in the morning and you are starving...No worries go to the 24hr supermarket. Bored and don't know what to do this weekend? Great phone a mate, pick them up and stuff a tent in the back of the car and just go somewhere. Bored of your job and want to earn more money? Well you are not restricted by bus routes anymore, find the job you want and get that extra cash.

Get in touch with us today by filling out the form and booking not only your driving lessons but your passport to an amazing life.

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