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Automatic Driving Lesson Prices

Automatic driving lesson prices, what exactly should you be paying?
There is actually some really good news for you; and erm  some not so good news. Shall we do the bad(ish) news first?

The bad news is that there are very few driving schools with automatic cars, perhaps around every one in 20 or one in 30 are automatic cars and the reason is due to the driving licence. If you pass your driving test in an automatic car that is all you can drive, however if you pass in a manual you can drive both. So we offer you a money back guarantee give us a call and we will check if you have an automatic free for you; if not, try a manual and if you do not like the lesson and do not with to continue we will refund you.

So what about the good news? 
Well of course there is our money back guarantee, but if we can find you an automatic car then usually you will need fewer driving lesson because you do not need to learn gears.
The prices vary depending upon area but we give you a two for one offer on the first driving lesson at just £25 for a 2 hour session the local rates apply. 

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