Our Money Back Guarantee

Driving Lessons Brentford

The Money Back Guarantee

We feel that it's difficult to know the difference between one driving school and another so we are going to assist you with our money back guarantee.
Our independent organization helps find you the best driving instructors you would be delighted to learn to drive with.
We're only willing to give you a refund of the driving lesson simply because we know our driving instructors are of the highest calibre.

Your requirements are actually crucial so our office will make sure you will get the best matched approved driving instructor.
All learners have different requirements, for example you might want your lessons to begin from the office or college as opposed to starting from your home. By matching your personal specifications we make sure you will get the best approved driving instructor to suit you.

If after the first driving lesson you're not entirely pleased and don't wish to stick to the instructor we can either refund you or find you a different driving instructor, it is your option.

How To Save Over £500 On Driving Lessons

Virtually alllearner drivers will want to save money on successfully completing the driving test and look for lessons £1 or £2 less expensive, butwe will help you save £500.

You could have noticed driving school promotions such as £5 hours for £50 that have to be avoided

Unable to get on with the approved driving instructor will make your learning experience a tricky and hard time.

Many of these special deals have t's and c's which usually mean 4 or 5 hours are held back to the end of the program.

Because of this you may find yourself leaving the driving school to search for an alternative.

The average number of hours taken to successfully pass the driving test is 47 hours using a professional driving instructor and 20 hours of private practice.

The average is high because a lot of people do not learn appropriately.

If you can keep away from skipping lessons to the following week and take regular driving lessons this should help you require fewer lessons.
If you are just getting 1 hour a week or you are missing out on weeks your training will be slow and you will need more hours over all.

And did you know it will cost you about £200 a time every time you fail your driving test?

So if you discover a driving instructor who you like before you make a block booking,
just take two hours of training a week as a minimum, four hours if you're able to,
and go through help guide to passing your driving test the very first time then you could save anywhere between £500 and £1000 on getting your driving licence.

How To Pass Your Driving Test First Time

On a daily basis we are asked the question by beginner drivers concerning how to pass your driving test at the first try.

This is just what we recommend you have to be going through
Many people fail their test as they are unaware of just what the driving examiner is searching for.

Most students will point out they have to show the driving examiner they're a safe driver, thats acceptable, but what would you mean by safe?
If you're able to get to grips with an accurate meaning of what it is to be safe within your initial driving lessons this enables you to form good behaviors for the driving test,
Needless to say you will have to conform to the Highway Code
Being conscious of your surroundings and being in a position to respond to that is vital.
All of the time you have to be in control of the vehicle.

In the event you follow these three basic steps from your 1st driving lesson passing the driving test will always be simpler.
By simply getting those tips into practice from the start of your driver training, getting your driving licence is likely to be much simpler.

You'll receive a progress report card on your first lesson.
Each of the skills you need to obtain and the amount of ability you are at, are ranked on the form
You'll be ready to take your driving test when all the sections are designated for being "independent"

In the lessons in the run up for your driving test you really need to be driving without the need of your driving instructor aiding you.

In the event you needed any evidence to inform you that you can drive with no need of help then this is it.
If you help make sure you cover all of these aspects you've got each and every chance of passing your driving test.

Is The Driving Instructor Qualified?

You will discover with some driver training establishments will not always employ fully qualified driving instructors and the individual instructing you could be a trainee.

While quite a few trainees are good, can it be appropriate you're paying full price and is it correct you have not been explained to?

All of our approved driving instructors are fully qualified, so that you get the very best tuition obtainable.

What Will We Cost?

On your 1st driving lesson we request £25 and that's for a 2 hour driving lesson.

The local rate will then be applied for the next driving lesson should you wish to carry on.
Once we have located the best driving instructor to suit your needs we shall describe their charges so that you find out beforehand.

What Can Be Expected On Your 1st Driving Lesson?

Before the day of your driving lesson the driving instructor is going to have phoned you just for a brief intro.

On the day of your first driving lesson you require with you, your provisional driving licence.

You will find yourself taken up to a peaceful location to begin your driving lessons,

very soon you'll be switching on the engine, driving, and getting a fun time.

What If You Want Your Refund?

No gripe by any means.

What you need to do is get in touch with the booking office inside 24 hours of your driving lessons coming to its ending
You are able to phone or send us an email, however if you should let us know out of office hours an e-mail is best as it includes a date stamp.
We are going to find out if you would like a repayment or to consider using a different driving instructor, however you can only try one additional instructor.

In the event you request a repayment then you are unable to continue with that driving instructor.
If you do opt to have a refund then that will end your agreement and you'll be unable to stick to the instructor.
Opting to have your repayment means you're going to be not able to contunue with the driving instructor.

Why Are We Your Best Option?

It is hard to come by the right driving instructor, they all look the same and right now there is very little information and facts for you to discover a distinction.
We work with driving instructors each day and we know which driving instructors are fully qualified and which are trainees.
We're going to only offer you a fully qualified approved driving instructor.