Our Money Back Guarantee

Driving Lessons Cumbernauld

You have been thinking about taking driving lessons for some time and you can't wait to get on the road driving your own car. The problem you have right now is finding the right driving instructor, today Search For Driving Lessons take that trouble away from you but giving you a money back guarantee.

Your money back guarantee will give you the safety net of getting to know a really good driving instructor who is paired to your requirements. And if you are not happy with the driving lesson and no not wish to continue with that driving instructor then we will give you a refund. In fact we will go further than that and offer you your money back or the choice of trying someone else.

To get started just fill out the form and we will call you with all the help you need to pass your driving test.

Most learner drivers starting out to find a driving instructor just want a friendly instructor who will help them pass the driving test in the fewest amount of hours possible. You would like the driving instructor to arrive on time with a clean car and for you to have a fun driving lesson where you learn loads, leaving you really charged up and excited for your next driving lesson.

The problem you have is that all driving schools look the same. Ok there are different cars, different prices, different special offers and different phone numbers to call, but beyond that how can you tell the difference in quality? The truth is you can't, it is really difficult for you and you are taking a gamble when you join a driving school.

There are many learner drivers who change driving instructors, not only does it set you back it also costs you money. Leaving a driving instructor or thinking about wanting to leave the driving school is quite stressful and that's not the position you want to be in. Learning to drive is a great thing to do and what you don't want to happen is fall out of love with driving, quite your lessons and find another school. That's why our money back guarantee will help you.

After you have have taken 3 seconds to fill out the form we will call you back with the driving instructors and support you need to have a great lessons, letting you to go on and passing your driving test.

After the payment has been made and the booking confirmed the driving instructor you have chosen will call you to say hello and to confirm the pick up details. If after the driving lesson you do not wish to continue with the driving instructor all you need to do is contact us asking for your money back guarantee and we will put the money back on your card, it is as simple as that.

On your first lesson what will happen is you will be taken to a different area away from your pickup point, even if you have had some lessons before the last thing you want are good meaning well wishers waving you off. If you a a beginner driver where you have never driven before you will go through the cockpit drill, and regardless of your experience once in the divers seat you will adjust your seat, mirrors and perhaps steering wheel. Then you are off on your journey to passing your driving test.

Special Offers

You will find there are driving schools that give special offers, but you also need to be very aware of the hidden catches that many of these offers may contain. First of all for your information it costs a driving instructor around £10 an hour for each driving lesson, so if you see offers of 5 hours for £50 and 10 hours for £100 what questions does that create?
You have to ask, how good is the lesson. How long is the lesson for? How much driving will I be doing? Its ok having a cheap deal, but what are you going to get in return. A lot of these deals even hold back some of your lessons, so if you do end up leaving the school because you didn't like your driving lessons you also lost out on the special offer. Hardly fair is it?

Our Special Offer

We have asked our network of instructors what would be a fair deal where you get to sample a really good driving lesson. So along with your money back guarantee your first lesson is for 2 hours and thats just for £25. Not only are you assured of a quality lesson the 2 hours will also give you plenty of time to work out if this is the right driving instructor for you. And because of the money back guarantee there is no risk what so ever to your pocket.

Passing Your Driving Test?
Whats the best way to pass your driving test and is there a way you can pretty much guarantee yourself a first time pass? While there are no guarantees for first time passes, and no one feasibly can do that, what we can do is how you the way to give yourself the best opportunity of passing first time.

It all starts with understanding what the driving test is about and what the driving examiner wants to see. You know already the driving test is there to make sure you are a safe driver and that you can drive without assistance from a driving instructor. But just exactly what is safe?

You might think that no accidents, not hitting the kerb and not staling is safe driver, and while you might be right it doesn't cover everything does it? Safe is where you are in control of the car at all times, while being aware of your surroundings and obeying the laws of the road. Thats what the examiner wants to see, and to give yourself the best chance of passing you have got to be doing this before you go into your driving test.

Prior to your driving test look to taking mock tests they will show how good you are and what areas you need to work on. Your aim really is to be on your driving lesson proving to yourself and him or her that you don't need them anymore. That you are an independent driver not requiring assistance. At this stage not only will you be fully prepared but you will have the confidence to go with it and you can take your preparation and confidence into you driving test to impress the driving examiner.

To pass your driving test and take a money back guaranteed introductory two hour driving lesson, please fill out the form now and we will contact you back.