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Driving Lessons Derby

Most driving school websites want to sell you driving lessons, in fact you will have loads of offers thrown at you from free theory training to money saving offers such as 5 hours for £50 and 10 hours for £99.
All of these driving schools in Derby have 2 things in common, they don't appreciate you can see the value and they don't come near to even informing you how they are going to help you pass your driving test.

The reason why you are here is not for driving lessons, yes they can be fun but we're sure you would like to spend you money on something else like going to Ibiza! In fact the only reason why you are on this website is because you want to pass your driving test, so we have a question for you. Is it better to go with  driving school in Derby who will happily take your cash each week with a string of driving lessons or would it be wise to find a driving instructor in Derby who cares about you getting your driving licence?

It is a no brainer, but hold on, don't all driving instructors want you to pass your driving test? You would hope, but how do those instructors make any money when they offer driving lessons in Derby at £10 a time? Whats the catch? Whats the real deal? The truth of the matter is that is costs a driving instructor about £10 an hour to run there business, so they are not going to make any money from you. So what could that mean?

You might find that some of those lessons are held back to the end of the test so if you leave before you lose out. Ouch! You don't want that. Or you may find yourself doing very little driving, parked up in the Meteor Centre listening to your instructor and never driving. Do you really want that?

Its not that these are bad guys, it just happens they don't know how to run a business and they end up annoying their customers because they can't afford to deliver a proper lesson, do you want to get involved with that type of operation?

Driving Lessons Derby - Your Deal

So what are you going to get from us here at Search For Driving Lessons? Why are we so different you feel compelled to making contact and allowing us to help you plan your route to passing your driving test?

First up is our money back guarantee on the first lesson, if you dont like it then ask us for your money back. There is no quibble and you can have your cash put straight back onto your payment card and a receipt sent to. But what if you like our service and the only reason why you didn't want to continue with the instructor is due to you not clicking, lets face it, from time to time that can happen. We're realistic and its called life. Well if you find yourself in that position if you ask we can find you another instructor.

Whats the process?

Its all very simple.
Fill out the form and we'll call you back.
The last thing we want is for you to phone and hear our voicemail, let us call you when we have all the time in the world to spend with you. We understand that not all learners are the same, you may have even started to learner to drive before and have some experience already. Or you wan a female driving instructor, an automatic car, or perhaps you can only take lessons on certain days.

We'll take all of that information and find you one of our verified driving instructors. We'll check their diary, and make a booking for you. Once all that is done your instructor will call you to say hello and to make an introduction and explain how they will help you pass your test.

On your first lesson he aim of the instructor is to make sure you have a good a time, and by that we mean you learn new skills and find yourself having an enjoyable experience.

If for any reason the lessons didn't tick your boxes and wasn't right for you, just contact us and we'll refund you or find you a new driving instructor in Derby. That's your choice.