Driving Lesson Prices

What Does It Cost You?
Our Money Back Guarantee

Our Driving Lesson Prices

You first driving lesson is a 2 hour session priced at £25  and comes with a money back guarantee. The idea is that you get to try a driving instructor without committing yourself or risking your money, quite simply...if you do not like the lesson the office will refund you.

When you phone to ask about driving lesson prices we will ask you a couple of questions about your experience, where you live, when you want to start and if you have any other requirements. For example you may only want a female driving instructor or you can only take lessons on a specific day.

Once we understand your needs we will recommend 2 or 3 driving schools to you who have the right skills and services to meet your needs. And we will give you their driving lesson prices. After you select a school we will book that in for you, take payment, send you a receipt and what happens next is the driving instructor will phone you just to make an introduction. Basically it is to say "hello" and confirm where you want to be picked up from and when.

If you want to continue after the first lesson, just please book the lessons directly with the instructor or you can phone us, either way.

We are sorry we can't give you a specific driving lesson price and that is because prices vary from one town to another and each school has their own prices. But we will tell you exactly what they are when you phone us so there are no surprises.

Having been in the industry for many years the team behind Search For Driving Lessons firmly believe that your fist lesson should be for two hours and that you should never do a block booking when you first become a customer.
On your first lesson along with the driving you will be doing there is a bit of admin, a security and safety check. So if you only have an hour it doesn't give you a lot of time.

After the lesson have a think, did you enjoy it? Did you learn? Would you like to go again?
It is important you enjoy your lessons and that is why we do not advise you to make a block booking from the beginning. Even though we know our team of driving instructors very well it is always a personal choice to you.

So pick up the phone, tell us where you are from and we can get you the driving lesson prices you need.