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Driving Lessons For Beginners
"Don't Be A Beginner Forever”

Get your driving licence in the least amount of driving lessons and have a great time.

If thinking about learning to drive isn’t enough excitement, just wait until you start the engine for the first time, honestly there is no other feeling like it. You will not need to go far to find a driving school in your area and to start, you need a course of driving lessons for beginners.


Getting You Driving Now!

We are not going to hold you back,
to be honest, while your first lesson is exciting for you,
it’s nothing compared to what is coming your way
and we want to get you driving very quickly.

Soon you are going to be driving around town,
going to the places you know
and the realisation will hit you…you are driving are going to get your freedom and independence.

Driving lessons for beginners are fine,
but soon, very soon, you will want to experience more.
You will be asking to try the dual carriageways,
driving at 70MPH, over taking and all the things that aren’t really associated with beginners.
And we’ll take you there!
You’ll love our driving lessons
and soon you will be ready for your driving test.

What Happens On Your First Lesson

On your first lesson we also advise you to take 2 hours,
the time will fly by but before you get started
there is a little bit of paperwork the driving instructor needs to do, and a safety talk.

The good thing though, when you take driving lessons for beginners
you will only need to go through this process once.

Your driving instructor will collect you from a place suitable for you,
usually at home, and you’ll need to bring your provisional driving licence.

We recommend you wear comfortable clothing,
avoid high heels or flip flops, your shoe wear just needs to be easy to manage.  Jeans, t-shirt, trainers, that sort of thing is just fine for when you are starting to learn to drive.

Once you have met the instructor its typical you will be driven to a different location. Expect to be taken to a quiet area,
where there is much less traffic and away from friends and family.
It has been known for parents to watch the first lesson
and it can put you under a bit of pressure, we don’t want that.

Half Way To Your Licence

You do not want driving lessons for Beginners for long,
you are here to pass your driving test,
so let’s get going on your theory test.

Top learner drivers pass their theory test early and the benefits are there to be seen.
Passing your theory test early
can reduce the number of driving lessons you are going to need.

What you learn on your theory test
you can use on your lessons, meaning less interaction from your instructor. Here is an example...

If you know all the road signs, you can spot hazards and you know where to position your car,
your driving instructor will need less time to teach you. 
Even if you save 10 minutes on each lesson it soon adds up
and you’ll need fewer driving lessons.
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Passing Your Driving Test

Passing your driving test first time should be your aim – it’s ours!
This is how you are going to impress the driving examiner.

1. On your first lesson, you will have received a Pupil Record Card.
It details all the skills you need to learn and your ability.
Once completed, you have all the skills and the ability
to pass your test 

2. You are going to pass a mock driving test
and it will give you all the confidence you need.

Driving Lessons For Beginners -
Congrats You Have Passed Your Test

Congratulations you have done it!
You have passed your driving test,
you have gone from needing driving lessons for beginners 
all the way to being able to drive your own car.
How does that feel?

Once you have your own licence many things will change in your life.
Getting to work or college becomes so much easier,
in fact you will have more social time.

Imagine needing 1 hour to take 2 buses to get to work or college.
Now, you can probably do the same journey in just 20 or 30 minutes.
You have got yourself an extra half hour of time to spend how you want.

As soon as you have your first car,
you’ll be loading up the music,
picking up your friends and going on weekend road trips
it’s just the beginning of changing your life.

To pass your driving test, call us today.

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