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We Don't Think So

53% of all driving tests end in a fail, its a shocking statistic...were your lessons built to fail?

Repeatedly failing your driving test pushes you to the depths of despair, but was failing the fault of your driving instructor and poor driver training methods? Today, we give you the answer to pass your driving test.


When 53% fail the driving test, is your instructor the person to blame?

Failing your driving test is a really bad feeling, no one likes failure
and the chance of being on the road in your car slips away from your fingers.  Failing your test on multiple occasions can resign anyone to a sunken feeling of desperation and wondering if you can ever get your driving licence.

You need to ask this big question of yourself,
is it really your fault? 
The fact that the failure rate is around 53%
perhaps highlights a big issue with some driving instructors,
and not the test or you!

After all, how many hours have you take so far?
40, 50, 60 hours of professional driver training?
You should not be continually failing.

Don’t Blame Nerves

Driving instructors love to blame nerves as the main factor for failing,
by blaming nerves they are blaming you. It’s your fault.

How is that fair after you have taken 40 or 50 hours of training?
Nerves only happen because you are not confident,
and if you are not confident it is because you are not fully prepared
and have not proven to yourself without a doubt are good enough.

The driving test is not asking you to do anything out of the ordinary.
It’s just with a different person, so if you can drive safely – what’s the problem?

The truth is, you are not yet safe…this has nothing to do with nerves

What are you going to be like driving on your own
after you have passed your driving test?

If you get nervous on your driving test and can’t pass it,
how are you going to react driving solo?
And this is what the driving test is all about,
can you drive in a safe way when on your own?

The only reason why you are nervous is because you are not confident in your skills.
Perhaps you can technically drive,
but have you ever been taught how to drive safe?

If you are not fully prepared you can't have total confidence
you will get found out - as you have experienced
and you will fail
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We know why you are failing

You can’t pass your driving test, not because you are a bad driver,
not because you don’t know how to drive,
but it’s simply down to the fact you are not yet able to drive safely.

Anyone with a few lessons under their belt can drive a car,
once you have got comfortable with the pedals and gears you can drive all day long,
but it doesn’t mean you are safe.

Some instructors are happy to take you for a spin
and develop the technical side of things,
but that is not enough and your experience is the perfect evidence.
You need to have a strategy for safe driving. 

Getting you fixed and ready to impress the examiner

Our instructors code/program learners to drive safely
right from the very first lesson,
it means you become a safe driver almost on auto pilot.

Imagine being able to drive, getting everything right, every time,
without needing to concentrate really hard.
Wouldn’t that be great?

The problem you have is you have learned a different way,
you have learned the technicalities of how to drive,
but not developed the safety side of things.
You fail because you are not safe, that is the bottom line.

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The results are below, but we are going to ask you one question,
you need to be honest with yourself when you answer it.
“How do you define driving safely?” That is your question.

People who have been failing their test just like you,
will be saying things like, not speeding, being considerate to other road users,
not crashing, not jumping red lights.
All of those points are true,
but they are technical and do not define driving safely.

The answer you are looking for is.
1. To be in control of the car all of the time.
2. You have the ability to detect emerging hazards and to avoid them.
3. Always keep to the rules of the road by following the Highway Code.
4. Have the desire and attitude to be a safe driver

This is what you should have been taught from your very first lesson,
and you should have used this formula on every single lesson
and new skill you learned. But that didn’t happen and it’s why you failed.

Go and look at your fail sheets and every fail will fall into one of those 4 categories.

Are You Ready To Pass…Let’s Do It!

We have proven to you beyond any doubt that you are not a failure,
and the reason for you flunking your tests was never your fault.

Putting it simply, you were not taught properly.
Due to massive failure rates right across the country
our expert driving instructors are rushed off their feet,
so you do need to apply now.

In all instances you will need 10 hours of training, priced at £350 (local variations may apply). You have already spent £100s on learning and failing, it is about to you set the record straight and learned to drive the safe way, the way the driving test is meant to be. Phone us today.