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Female Driving Instructors In Aberdeen

Did You Know Most Schools Make a £200 Profit Every Time You Fail Your Driving Test?

(We have a money back guarantee that protects you from bad female driving instructors in Aberdeen)

It's 100% true, every time you fail your driving test you will need extra lessons and that puts another £200 or so in the pocket of your female driving instructor in Aberdeen. So does it come as any surprise to learn more people fail than pass?

The typical student will need somewhere between 40 and 50 hours
of professional tuition with a female driving school in Aberdeen,
with the national average at 47 hours.
Remember that is just an average,
so is it fair you have to pay out all that money if you fail your test?

At Search For Driving Lessons we do things a little differently.
We give you a money back guarantee
so you can check out the quality of the female driving instructor in Aberdeen.

The driving test pass rate for 2016 was just 47% , and that includes people taking 2nd and 3rd tests, just imagine how low the first time pass rate is.

The #1 Reason For Failing The Test Is ALMOST Unknown To Driving Instructors


In a recent poll held on Facebook in a group for driving instructors
it was asked what was the biggest reason for failing the driving test.
Around 80% of instructors got it wrong

Imagine that! Nearly 80% of driving instructors do not know why you are failing the driving test.
The real reason is not nerves.
In fact for the last 10 years the main reason for failing
is Observation at Junctions, that is a fact recorded by the DVSA.

It is not if this is breaking news
and driving instructors have not had the time to find out.
For 10 years the #1 reason for failing has been observation at junctions.
If you look at the image above, some instructor through it funny to 
add in a spoof option.

It's your money they are taking!

You are being blamed for failing!

Yes that's true.
You are being blamed for failing.
Clearly the instructors are not taking any responsibility at all
despite you the learner driver paying usually over £1000 to pass the test.
You can read more here

Of course we have to take responsibility for our personal actions
but when it comes to learning  its a 2 person partnership,
the learner and the teacher!.
Is it fair you are being lumbered with the failure.
No wonder the DVSA are starting to ask instructors to publish their skill levels.

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Can You Get Cheap driving lessons in Aberdeen

With so many instructors not have the best of reputations
is it any wonder learners are looking for cheap solutions?
When you can't tell the difference in quality
and you hear so many horror stories
you try to reduce your buying risk by going cheap.

Yes we do offer you a money back guarantee
so you can give your female driving instructor in Aberdeen a proper teat drive,
but we can also show you how to save over £500 on learning to drive,
Other schools don't share this type of information.

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Learning to drive is such a fun experience
and soon you will be driving your own car doing your own thing in life.
But as you can see,
finding the right driving school is a minefield
but our 1st lesson money back guarantee gives you a great assurance.

All you need to do is give us a call,
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