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Do you know the difference between a good driving school in Norwich who have the skills and experience to pass your driving test first time, and a driving instructor in Norwich who is happy to sell you lessons?

The really hard thing about Googling "driving lessons Norwich" is the schools all look the same and with £1 or £3 difference per hour nothing really stands out to say, they are the people for me. In fact the biggest problem in Norwich are low price deals, sure they look good upfront but you have to ask just what is the catch? And its good you ask.

You need to know that is costs a driving instructor in Norwich about £10 an hour to run their business, so when you see a deal at 5 hours for £10 or 10 hours for £99 etc, they are not making any money. So just how good is your lesson and are you getting anything from it? Sure if you have happy to listen to the instructor talk and you do very little driving then fine, but for most people you would have preferred to have invested your money elsewhere.

At Search For Driving Lessons we do see your money, the money that you spend on driving lessons as an investment into your future. And the driving school receiving that money needs to be giving you the best driving lesson possible. Otherwise its wasted cash, but which is the right school to take?

What we do is offer you a risk free opportunity, where if you are in a position where you didn't like your lesson, then we'll refund you. Its a money back guarantee where the risk is on us, not you, but us and thats how it should be.

All you need to do is fill out our form and we'll call you.
We'll ask you about your experience and when you want to pass your driving test by, then we'll get you the right instructor for you.

You can rely on us because we want you to love your lesson as its the only way we are going to get paid isn't it. The responsibility of pairing you with a fabulous driving instructor is firmly with us, and that means you can chill, relax and get excited about learning to drive.

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Passing your driving test can be a synch, well it is to some people, so how do they do it? Are they born lucky? Are they just naturally good drivers? Are they just good at anything? Well the answer is no not all, let us show you the answer.

If you want to get from A to B you need a plan of action and you need to now what it takes. No one passes their driving test by fluke, and those that need 3 or 4 goes to pass their driving test are doing so because they don't know what to expect or how to perform other than drive safely.

Now when you were at school the top grade was an A or an A* and a GCSE pass is a grade C, now there has to be a difference. And furthermore the teachers taught you the difference but driving instructors usually dont they just teach you how to drive but there has to be more than that. How do you take control of your learning and of your driving test?

It should really all start in your first few lessons where you are encouraged to  adopt safe driving skills and these can be broken down into... Having really good road awareness and being able to adapt to situations. You also need to be in total control of the car all of the time. So if you are ticking those boxes you are starting to prove you are safe. The car is fine, its under control and nothing crazy is going to happen. Also you know whats happening on the road and you can spot potential hazards and reduce the risk by creating change in your driving. That all makes sense doesn't it? And its the first steps to driving safely.

Even sat in the passenger seat of your families car or even your friends cars you can start to train to pass your test by looking at hazards ahead and thinking to yourself how would you respond? Slow down? Speed up? Come to a stop? Change gear? Give room? Make a signal? These are some of the responses needed when reacting to a potential hazard and you can start doing that now.

So When?
When is it you want to start your driving lessons and when do you want to pass your driving test by? If you haven't thought about a date for passing your test then start to put some time frames together now, by having a date in mind will not cause you pressure because you can always amend it, but it will give you a focus.

A great way of helping you reduce the cost of learning to drive is by having a committed focus, this way you stick to your lessons and don't lose money. You see if you take lessons here, there and everywhere. Skipping lessons and chopping and changing all of the time, it actually sets you back, you forget what you learned in the last lesson. Do you want to spend half of your lesson trying to remember what you forgot? Of course you do not because it costs you money.

We recommend you take at least 2 hours a week, every week. Its not so that you pay more money, in fact you will need fewer lessons. If you can and finances permit then go to 4 hours a week, by doing 2x2hr lessons. You are going to learn loads, you will learn fast without any pressure and you will need fewer lessons.

After you have passed what happens?
What do you want to happen? The world is yours for the taking and you can do anything you want with a driving licence...almost.
You can get a better job because you can travel to places you couldn't before and many jobs pay more when you can drive!

What are you doing this weekend? Well if you had your own car you could go away with your friends to where ever you want. From summer festivals to city road trips the choice is yours. Or you can even go and see family if you want to. Driving a car and having your driving licence is much more than not having to catch the bus, it really is life changing? So when are you going to start?

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