Our Money Back Guarantee

Driving Lessons Stevenage

Today you are going to find a driving instructor to help you pass your driving test, but unlike ever before, you are not going to burden any of the risk due to our money back guarantee. 

Since perhaps forever, well at least since people needed to have a driving licence anyway, learner drivers have always had that very difficult task of trying to find a driving school. Yes there are countless driving schools across the UK and in Stevenage, finding a driving school is not the problem...Finding a driving school who will give you quality driving lessons and value for money is the problem. Just how can you tell the difference between one school and another?

Once you have got over the excitement of wanting to learn to drive, you then set about locating a reputable driving school and that's when the thought process kicks in and you start asking questions and making small demands. For example you want a driving instructor who will give you the right number of driving lessons and not to be hoodwinked into taking too many, so trust is going to play a big part because you have very little experience in this industry.

So do you then choose an instructor on their advertised price? You have heard the expression about paying peanuts and getting monkeys but at the same time you don't want to pay the most expensive prices if the quality is going to be the same. Perhaps you would pay more if you knew you were going to need fewer lessons and you were going to be a better and safer driver, but that's hard to make a decision on.

Therefore do you make your choice based on the car? But what is stopping a poor driving instructor having the best car on the road, one you really like and would love to drive?

Overall if you consider the special offers available, the car, perhaps the website of the driving school and you might even ask for their pass rate but even still you get no closer to finding if the driving school is for you. Thats why by filling out the form for our money back guarantee is perfect for you.

Lots of learner drivers end up switching from one driving instructor to another because they chose the wrong person and that could cost you as much as £200 to make that change. What happens is this. The learner becomes annoyed with the driving lessons and starts to skip lessons, this sets the learner back because they start to forget what they had previously learned. Then the learner stops with that particular school and may take a week or two, sometimes longer, to find a new driving school. Once they have find a new driving school, book lessons and go on the first assessment lesson they have lost more money. So it makes sense to try and get your choice right first time.

Special Offers
There are many special offers if you look around, perhaps you have done already but nearly all come with hidden catches. First of all please recognise that to give a driving lesson it usually costs the driving instructor around £10 an hour, sometimes more. So if lessons work out to be £10 an hour or so, then you have to consider the quality of the lesson and if there is a catch.

Some clauses include holding back some lessons until when you go for your driving test. Which means that if you do not like the driving instructor if you leave early you lose your special offer. Where as other driving schools may have you parked up at the side of the road for long periods because they want to save fuel.

Our Special Offer
You are already are we are giving you a money back guarantee and in a moment we will show you how hat works. But also we want to give you a 2 hour lesson for the price of only £25. This is the type of special offer a good driving instructor can afford and it also helps you.
You will get to experience lots of driving and lots of learning and also very importantly at the end of the driving lesson if you didn't like it we will refund you. The risk is on us so to speak. We believe 2 hours is enough time for you to have a good think about. Was the lesson good? Did you like the instructor? Could you work with the instructor again? Did you learn a lot? Was it a fun occasion?

The Money Back Guarantee
We decided to give a money back guarantee to prove to you that your instructor has got what it takes when it comes to delivering a fun driving lesson, where you learn and have a good time, to a point where you want to book again. That would be the ideal driving lesson for us if we were learning to drive and it's the same for you.

If for whatever reason you do not like your introductory driving lesson and do not wish to learn with that driving instructor we will give you your money back. Actually there is a second option but the choice is yours, we can find you another instructor to try. All you would need to do is notify us within 24 hours of the driving lesson ending, the best way is by email because then its date stamped and the office is closed at weekends.

Filling Out The Form
After you have completed the form we will call you back and help you choose from one of our recommended driving instructors. We will ask you a few questions to understand about your experience and we will pair you with the best driving instructor we know.
We'll send you a receipt for the booking and the driving instructor will call you to finalise the pick up and drop off details for you lesson. We will sort out the times with you, but if you live in a hard to reach area like a lost country lane or in a block of flats its best for the instructor to call as well.

Passing Your Driving Test
We give more than just driving lessons, your driving instructor will teach you how to drive safely, how to pass first time and how to i,press your driving examiner. Remember the test is a reflection of how safely you drive and it is designed to see if you can drive without any assistance, that's what your driving instructor is going to help you do.

Let us help you get your driving licence.  Please Call 0800 610 1047