Our Money Back Guarantee

Driving Lessons Whitley Bay

The Money Back Guarantee

We believe that it's hard to tell the difference between one driving instructor and an alternative therefore we are going to help you with our money back guarantee.
We are an impartial company that actually works with 100's of local approved driving instructors whom you will be happy to learn to drive with.
Because the approved driving instructors we work with are really confident of their knowledge and skills we can easily say to you, "if you dont enjoy the lesson we will refund you"

Your requirements are very important so our office will ensure you get the best matched driving instructor.
All learners have diverse needs, as an example you may want your lessons to start from the office or school rather than starting from home. These are all requirements which are personal to you and we'll get you the most suitable driving instructor.

So after your driving lesson if you aren't happy and don't wish to continue with the instructor, just speak to the office and you will have the option of a new instructor or a refund.

How To Save Over £500 On Driving Lessons

Most novice drivers would like to spend less on driving lessons and while you can save £1 or £2 per lesson we will teach you the way to save £500.
If you have run into deals for example 5 hours for £50 or 10 hours for £100 then stay away from them without exceptions.
Not liking the approved driving instructor and not enjoying your driving lessons is likely to make the task of learning to drive much harder.
A lot of of these types of special offers possess fine print which mean 4 or 5 hours are held back to the conclusion of the course.

From desperation you could give in, and stop taking driving lessons until you decide to find another school.

The typical number of hours taken to pass the driving test is forty seven hours with a professional driving instructor and 20 hours of private practice.

Simply because many people are not trained to learn to a structure these numbers are too high.

If you are taking lessons routinely and frequently while not missing weeks your advancement might be rapid.

For anybody who is only taking 60 minutes a week or else you are missing out on weeks your learning shall be sluggish and you'll need more hours overall.

And do you know it costs around £200 a time every time you fail your driving test?
So when you find a driving instructor who you like before you make a block booking,
take 2 hours of training a week as a minimum, four hours whenever you can,
and adhere to the help guide to passing your driving test the 1st time then you can save between £500 and £1000 on having your driving licence.

How To Pass Your Driving Test First Time

Almost all learner drivers will ask us for our best advice on how to get their driving licence by passing their driving test first-time.
This is our conclusive guide.

Many people fail their driving test because they are unaware of what the driving examiner is looking for.

For anyone who is under the impression you need to demonstrate you are a safe driver then you are correct, but just precisely what is safe?

Once you discover a good definition of safe, learning to drive will become easier and you become trained for your driving test.

Obviously you will need to comply with the rules of the road.

Being aware of your surroundings and being in the position to react to that is vital.
At all times you must be in control of the vehicle.

If you follow all of these three basic steps from your 1st driving lesson successfully completing the driving test will be a lot easier for you.
By putting these tips into practice from the beginning of your driver training, obtaining your driving licence is going to be much simpler.

You're going to be given a progress report card on your initial lesson.
All the techniques you need to obtain and the amount of talent you are at, are detailed on the form
Once you are regarded as independent in every areas you're then completely geared up to successfully pass your driving test
Prior to the test you will want to be demonstrating to your driving instructor you can actually drive with no need of their guidance.

This will be your evidence you're a good and risk-free driver who can drive without having guidance.

If you wish to pass your driving test you'll need to be making certain each of these factors have been completely gone over.


Is Your Driving Instructor Qualified?

You'll discover with some driver training establishments don't always employ properly accredited driving instructors and the person teaching you may be a trainee.

A number of trainee driving instructors can be quite good, courteous and will work hard for you, nevertheless they do not have the full-range of abilities - should you be informed of this?

All of our approved driving instructors are fully qualified, and that means you get the best tuition on the market.


Exactly what Do We Charge?

The first driving lesson is for Two hours and we are requiring just £25.

The local fee will then be applied for the 2nd driving lesson if you desire to carry on.
After we have located the best driving instructor to suit your needs we shall clarify their fees which means you know beforehand.

What Can Be Expected On Your First Driving Lesson?

The driving instructor will always call before driving lesson to set up where to pick you up.
You should take with you, your provisional licence to show the instructor, this is for their insurance cover
You're going to be taken to a quiet location to commence your driving lessons,

and shortly you will be driving...and enjoying yourself!


What If You Want Your Cashback?

That is certainly totally fine.
(We're comfortable with that
All that you should do is contact the office inside 24 hours of the lesson ending.

The simplest way to do this is via e-mail because it's date stamped and the office maybe shut when you get in touch.

We are going to ask if you want a repayment or to consider using a different driving instructor, but you are only able to try out one extra instructor.

In the event you ask for a refund then you won't be able to continue with that driving instructor.
In the event you decide to have a reimbursement then that would end your agreement and you will be not able to continue with the instructor.
Opting to have your reimbursement will mean you're going to be unable to contunue with the driving instructor.

Why Are We Your Best Option?

It is hard to come by the best driving instructor, each of them look exactly the same and there is very minimal advice to be able to discover a difference.
We work together with driving instructors every day and we are aware of which driving instructors are fully qualified and which might be trainees.
We will only present a fully qualified driving instructor.