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Would you agree that pretty much all driving schools look the same? We have spoken to hundreds if not thousands of people who are just like you wanting to pass their driving test and simply not knowing what driving school to choose.

If you were buying a tablet, phone or whatever, there are tonnes of reviews you can get stuck into and if your friend has a phone you look then its really easy to be shown why its good and then decide if its for you. But when it comes to picking a driving school, you can't exactly sit in on a lesson to see if its right for you, and even then...how do you know?

What if though someone said to you "try me, and if you are not happy you can have your cash back" Oh hello! Now that looks an awful lot different to what was being suggested before. That's an opportunity that is risk free, what have you got to lose? Nothing! Even if you didn't like the driving instructor you will still come away having learned something. Sound Good?

Here at Search For Driving Lessons we have done just that for you.
We are a national network working directly with over 1000 driving schools in the UK. These are what we call independent driving schools,meaning they tend to have lower business costs, high standards of quality and a lower price to you. In fact the driving schools we work with live by their excellent reputation.

Driving Lessons Worcester - Special Offer

We are able to give you an absolutely 100% risk free, 2 hour driving lesson. 2 hours is essential for you, it gives you the time to relax, learn, get to know your instructor and decide if you want to continue with the driving school.

So what happens if you are not happy and you wish to end your lessons with that driving instructor in Worcester. All you need to do is contact us and we will reimburse you straight away! Its that easy. In fact we will do more than that. Because we will be surprised the standard didn't meet your expectations we'll offer you the chance of another driving school in Worcester or your money back. It really is your choice and you have nothing to lose.

Driving Schools Worcester - Do You Know How To Pass First Time?

Once you have your driving licence it is easy to say "who cares" but while you are a beginner its very important to pass first time, its not just the badge of honour, respect among friends and potentially bragging rights. It also saves you a small fortune. Get this... On the day of your test when you consider you have the car for 2 hours plus your tests fees its going to set you back £100. Ouch! But then there are the remedial lessons to iron out your problems and if you cant get another test for 6 or 7 weeks then you need top up lessons to stay fresh and remember what you have learned. You are touching on, if not passing £300. Thats a lot of cash...Imagine failing twice???

So why do people fail and how can you avoid that? Learner drivers fail for two things, it isn't bad luck, that you didn't salute a magpie, you didn't wear your lucky pants or that the driving examiner was always going to fail you because of their quota. All of that quite frankly is rubbish. Learner drivers fail because they are not ready and should not have chanced their arm and taking the driving test. Examiners are not paid government monkeys ticking boxes and void of skill or personality...actually they are highly trained and can spot someone trying  to wing it from a mile off .

If you are not prepared you are going to trip up, you cant fluke a pass or hope for a lucky day, its doesn't work like that so what you have got to do is make sure you can drive. That will also give you the confidence.

Learning to drive is a massive temptation and people who spend more money on learning are usually the people who can't afford the extra cash. So we say this, if you are going to bit and bob with your lessons, then don't. Save up, put your money in the bank or under your bed or wherever then when you have enough, start to take at least 2 hours a week. If you can do 4 hours a week or more then even better.

The less time there is between one lesson and the next is going to be a bonus for you. You will remember more and spend more time learning new things, surely that makes sense...doesn't it?

Driving Instructors Worcester - all about the confidence

You are taking regular lessons, you can see how well you are doing and soon enough your driving test is just around the corner. How are you going to give this your best shot? How are you going to make sure you walk into the driving test centre knowing you are going to pass and come out with a smile and a driving licence?

The best insurance policy you can take are mock tests. Get your driving instructor to play the role of the examiner and practice driving without their assistance. You know if you can pass a mock test your confidence will by very good, imagine if you passed 2 or 3 mock test?

On a 2 hour lesson make the first hour polishing up the fine detail of your driving, you can even speak and discuss what you are seeing and doing as you drive along. This is called a commentary drive and the confidence it gives you is amazing and then in the second hour of your driving lesson have that mock test.

Take control of your learning and go in prepared and confident  without needing to rely on saluting magpies, kissing rabbit foots or putting your left leg into your jeans before your right.

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We have a money back guarantee that protects your wallet. The risk is squarely on our shoulders and when it comes to starting driving lessons and picking a driving school you just don't know who to choose. Let us be your guide, use our experience and expertise and if you are not happy you can have your money back. This is the UKs first national driving lesson provider that offers this service because the driving instructors we work with care about you and your training.

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